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Minneapolis-St Paul Airport ( MSP ) Terminal Map Information

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MSP Passenger Terminal Layout, Getting Around, International Arrivals; Notice, and Terminal Details ('Getting Around' includes terminals & concourse connections; Transport & Transit Centers; light rail to Minneapolis;  Global Entry/ security checkpoins /TSA, & Delta Customers):

The passenger terminal complex at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport consists of Lindbergh Terminal 1 (T1) and Humphrey Terminal 2 (T2) - divided by a runway and connected by the free underground light rail between their respective light rail stations, where trains run on opposite sides to:  (a) the Humphrey Terminal, Bloomington & Mall of America; and (b) to Minneapolis.
The Lindbergh Terminal 1 is at 4300 Glumack Drive (Zip Code 55111); the Humprey Terminal 2 is at 7150 Humphrey Drive (Zip Code 55450).

Getting around:
To connect from Lindbergh to Humphrey Terminal,
  take the tram (light rail transit) inside the terminal to the outside Lindbergh Terminal light rail transit station and jump on the train going in that direction. You can access the trams from several areas of the Terminal from:
- Ticketing & Baggage Claim by escalator/elevator down to Level T; take underground tram to transit center; follow signs to light rail transit station;
- Concourses A - E, exit security from the concourse connector; take elevator or escalator down to the Lindbergh Terminal light rail station;
- Concourses G & F, exit security from concourse connector; take elevator or escalator down to the Lindbergh light rail station.
Connecting from  Humphrey to Lindbergh Terminal, you need to take the skyway on Level 2 to the parking ramp on the second level, by following signs and walking through the parking ramp and taking the escalator or elevator down to the light rail transit station. This takes about five minutes. For disabled travelers or families traveling with children and luggage there is an alternative shuttle service available.
Concourse Connections at Lindbergh:  Concourses C & A are served by a tram; a short tunnel between Concourses C & A connects to Concourse B; while the Concourse Connector Bridge connects Concourses G & C on opposite sides. All concourses can be reached by foot.
Getting to Ground Transport Center (with shuttles, scheduled buses & vans, taxis & limos): From the ticketing mezzanine across to the ground transport atrium - take the skyways - or - take elevators /escalators up from level T. 
Getting to Transit Center: Exit security from Concourse Connector & proceed down the elevator /escalator to transit center (with rental cars, city buses & light rail transit.  Rental cars are parked at Red & Blue parking ramps, both on their levels 2 & 3.
The light rail service to  Minneapolis
  Both From Concourses G or F, or A through E - exit security from the Concourse Connector. Take elevators/ escalators down to light rail station;
Global Entry; Security Checkpoints & TSA Pre-check:
- Global Entry Program is available in both terminals (visit globalentry.gov or tel. 877-227-5511).
- Security checkpoints:  (a) the Lindbergh Terminal 1's international checkpoint 7 is on Concourse G;  there are also six checkpoints on the ticketing level, and the Skyway Security checkpoint 10 is on the Concouse connector.  Checkpoint 6, the 'Black Diamond',  is for expert travelers.   (b) the Humphrey Terminal 2 security checkpoint is on level 2.
- TSA Pre-Check is available at Terminal 1, checkpoint 4 (or visit tsa.gov/what_we_do/escreenin.shtm).
International Arrivals:  Lindbergh T1's Concourse G has gates 1-10 and 11-22, with security checkpoint & international arrivals facility in the center.  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in your bag. 24 new APC kiosks (Automated Passport Control) for U.S. & Canadian passengers result in shorter wait times. Follow on-screen instructions, then take receipt along with passport to Customs for final processing.
Delta Air Lines passengers:  Delta uses Lindbergh's T1Concourses A, B, C, D, F & G with corresponding gate numbers. If departing from gates C10-27, G14-22 or from A or B gates, check bags at the Delta counter on Level T and take the tram to Checkpoint 10, midway on the C/G Concourse Connector Bridge.  Delta's four 'Need Help?' centers with scanners for rebooking are near gates C2, C13, F1 & G10.  The Delta Sky Club is near gates C11 and near entrance to F gates. Delta now offers at T1 automated baggage check with 4 self-service baggage drops near its ticket counter . 
 - Since mid-2016 - and up to the end of January 2017, The Lindbergh Terminal added new restaurants & shops, more amenities, upgraded the ticketing and baggage claim, added airline gates, expanded parking, upgraded roadways, ground transportation, restrooms,  and added a service animal relief area and a new hotel.  
 - By Sept. 2017 the Airport solicited for vendors of 30 new restaurants.   These changes, which happen continuously up to January 2018, are not reflected in the current Terminal descriptions below, but will be incorporated once completed.
 - Construction on T1's South Security Checkpoint has now been completed. New automated screening lanes have replaced manually ones.
 - Construction on T1's North Security Checkpoint will start in 2018, replacing manual screening lanes with automated ones.
Lindbergh Terminal 1 (T1) with Concourses A through G - serves Air Canada, Air Choice One, Air France, Alaska, American, Boutique Air, Delta, Frontier, KLM, Spirit and United.. Delta currently uses all Concourses, except E, and maintains 'Need Help?' centers near gates C2, C13, F1 & G10.
Concourses & their gates surround the center on three sides at: West - Concourse G; at East - Concourses A & B (connected by tunnel); and C & D; at North - Concourses E & F (connected to the 'Mall'); at South - The Crosswalk Connector between gates G18 & C12.
T1 was recently upgraded and houses over 100 shops & restaurants. OTG restaurants in Concourse G include 2,500 iPads at seats, extending into the gate/ holding areas, thereby enabling passengers to place orders electronically while remaining within hearing and eyesight of boarding process.
Power Poles are available at gates A2, B4, C1, C3, C5, C6, C8, C9, C12, C13/14, D3, D5, E2, E9, E8, F1, F8, F13.

   Level T of T1 is the transport center - divided into South & North - served by the Tram:
 - South Level T functions as entrance/exit for Light Rail Transit Station, which is two flights down. Trains westward serve T2, Bloomington & Mall of America; Trains eastward serve Minneapolis. One flight up of Level T is the Transit Center for Metro & charter buses and rental cars. From the Transit Center one flight up is the Skyway Security checkpoint for carry-on bags only, Delta's electronic check-in, ATM &rental cars. From there you can reach the Blue or Red Ramps on opposite sides.
- North Level T houses ground transport & parking; it has a restaurant, ATM, Information counter, elevator to Gold Ramp parking and access to shuttles, scheduled vans &Delta check-in.  Separate escalators lead to level 1 Arrivals, and Level 2 Departures.
   Level T is the Ground Transport level and leads up to & short-term Parking level & Pink Ramp.
   Level 1 of T1 is the Arrivals level , with two information counters at each side, ATM machines, baggage carousels 2 - 14, with doors 1 - 6 (International Arrivals exit is door 6 at west end).
   Level 2 of T1 is the Departure /Ticketing level, with doors 1 - 6 houses at its entrance an information counter in the center, currency exchange, ATMs, Lost/Found, and behind them the check-in facilities, leading to security check and access to the boarding areas for G gates, the Mall with access to F, E & D gates. C gates are served by the Concourse Tram. A skyway leads to parking & ground transport. Between Concourses G & C (down the escalator), is the Transit Center with light rail, buses, rental cars & security checkpoint for carry-on only. Food & drink, as well as shops are available throughout the Mall and all Concourses. Level 2 is surrounded by  Concourses A - G (at right); Concourses E & F (at center); and and Concourse G (at left).
- Concourse A has gates A1-14 - served by Delta, and is connected by escalator & tunnel  to Concourse B);
- Concourse B has gates B1-16 - served by Delta; and is connected by escalator & tunnel tunnel to Concourses A & C;
- Concourse C has gates C1-27 (C13-18 & C19-27) - served by Delta; near gates 12/13 is the escalator to the crosswalk to Concourse G, while C1 connects to D gates. A nursing station is across from C13.
- Concourse D  has gates D1-D6 - served by Delta; Delta help center is located between gates C1 & E2.
- Concourse E has gates E1-E16 - served by  Air Canada, Alaska, American, Frontier, Great Lakes, Spirit & United; a nursing station is also to be at Concourse C.
- Concourse F has gates F1-F16 - served by Delta; (a nursing station is near F2).
- Concourse G has gates G1-10 & 11-22 - served by Delta, KLM & Air France. A crosswalk near gate G18 connects to Concourse C. At Concourse center are security checkpoint & international arrivals facility (see "International Arrivals' above).
   Level 3 of T1 reached by elevator near the F gate entrance (next to Duty Free), houses a Business Center & Services, Conference Center and Quiet Seating Area.
Airline & Independent Lounges: 
- The Delta Sky Club Lounges: one is near entrance to F & G concourses, the other is at Concourse C, near gate C11.   
- The United Club is on Concourse E, between gates E6-E8.
- The new common-use (pay-in) Escape Lounge opens opened in Dec. 2015.

Humphrey Terminal 2 (T2) with H gates serves currently  Condor, Icelandair, Southwest, and Sun Country airlines with gates H1-8 at west & H9-14 at east- served by separte security checks 2 & 1. If arriving (a) at Orange parking Ramp, take the Skyway arriving just before security checkpoint 1;  (b) if arriving at Purple Parking Ramp, take the level 2 Skyway arriving before Security check 2; in both instances, take the elevator or escalator down to the Ticketing level.   T2 has two levels:
    Level 1 of T2 is for ticketing, baggage claim and outside passenger pickup & drop-off; and
    Level 2 houses security checkpoints, skyway, and airline gates. It also connects, via skyway, to the parking facility with ground transport center, which in turn connects to the MSP Value parking facility and adjacent Light Rail Transit Station. 
The gate area now features power seating on comfortable stools, space to work & electric outlets.  A power seat is also in the Service Center across from  gate H3.  Power poles are at gates H3, H4, H9 & H10.
    NOTE: T2 undergoes expansion work involving 4 new gates (completed), a green roof system, nursing/lactation rooms & indoor pet relief area. The work is to be completed by around 2018.