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Perth Airport ( PER ) Terminal Map Information

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Perth Airport's Terminal Complex, NOTE (Terminal opening, Ongoing Projects, SmartGate border control), TERMINAL DETAILS and Airline Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Perth Airport consists of four terminals - International T1, new Domestic T2,  Multi-user Domestic T3), and Qantas Domestic T4. 
T1 & T2 (east) are divided by the runways from Terminals T4 & T3 (west), and are about 15 km apart  - served by the Inter-terminal transfer shuttle bus running every 20 minutes, and taking 15 minutes.
   T1 is on Horrie Miller Drive;  T2 is on Sugarbird Lady Rd., accessible from Horrie Miller Dr. via Grogan Rd.
   T3 is on Brerley Av.;  T4 is on Brearley Av. - passengers can walk between T3/T4.
Which Airlines serve which Terminal:
 - At T1: All international and Virgin Australia's interstate & some regional services.
 - At T2: Alliance, Tigerair (interstate) Virgin Australia (most regional) and REX Regional Express services.
 - At T3: Jetsar( all domestic) & Qantas (some services).
 - At T4: Qantas interstate & some regional services.

 - Terminal opening: Only International T1 is open 24/7 - Domestic T2, T3 & T4 are only open 4am-12:30am, except Friday and Sunday, when they close at 2:30pm. 
 - Ongoing Projects  see 'NOTE' at T3 & T4 below
SmartGate border control's  ABC e-gates have been installed at: Melboune, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns & Darwin.  (Biometric cameras fitted to the eGates automatically adjust to the passenger’s height and innovative document feeder technology automatically positions the passport precisely on the reader eliminating any delays due to document misplacement or inadequacy of time for reading. During busy periods, each eGate is capable of processing up to 150 passengers an hour.)


T1 - International Terminal 1 - with gates 50 - 55 - serves all international airlines and is for flights originating from,or departing to, outside Australia.  T1 completed its extensive expansion project by year-end 2015.
    The Ground level of T1 is divided into Arrivals & Departures and provides outside transport options: long-term carpark bus shuttle, and terminal transfer bus.
  - T1's Arrivals side houses the Arrivals Hall for incoming passengers with shops & services, offering a Customer service help line, baggage trolleys, Travelex currency exchange, rental car and transport counters, Vodafone & Hub convenience, Mattress Blue Bar & prayer room.
  - T1's Departures side houses the check-in hall, with an ATM machine, baggage trolleys and check-in counters.
    Level 1 has in the center an Information counter.  The public area offers some shops, services,food & drink and the outbound Immigration. The  Secured area houses the Arrivals Concourse with passenger screening area and outbound immigration and the inbound Australian Customs & Border Protection with access to the Arrivals Hall.
    Level 2 houses lounges for Emirates, Qantas, Malysia & Singapore airlines.  It also offers a number of food & drink & retail outlets.   A new family-friendly area is available at the eastern end of the departures lounge, with comfortable seating and safe playground, while closeby the 'Haymarket" offers a pizzeria, bakery, juice bar, cafe & bar.
    Level 3 houses an accessible & a regular restroom, and the public observation area.
Domestic 200-meter Pier /Concourse at T1's west end connects to T2 via covered walkway or 50-meter link with dual travelators. Virgin Australia consolidated its flights, moving them into its new home, which includes 28 domestic traditional check-in counters, and self-service automats with baggage drop, 12 aerobridge gates, and 2 large double-loop baggage belts. 
- The two Virgin Australia lounges are available to (a) business-class passengers and Velocity Gold & Platinum frequent flyers; (b) a Club exclusively by invitation-only.
T2 - One-level DomesticTerminal 2
currently serves Alliance Airlines & Tigerair domestic flights . The new terminal has dropoff and pickup lanes at the front of the terminal (via Sugarbird Lady Drive), 3 baggage claim belts in the Arrivals area, 16 check-in counters, a spacious departures lounge offering food & drink establishments, after security check A - H, the 14 airline gates are accessible by covered walkways. The terminal offers restaurants and shops, and offers the Alliance airline Lounge.. 

T3- Multi-User Domestic Terminal 3
with gates 16 - 25 currently serves Qantas' regional flights.  It has two jetways and seven gates. Recently its departures area was expanded & received a refurbished seating area, restroom upgrades, new ceiling, floors & walls, new aerobridges and new covered walkways to the tarmac.  The check-in hall of T3 connects to the Arrivals hall of T4. Phase 2 upgrades included security screening area for quick access to level 1 by new escalators; expansion of level 1 floor plate accommodating new departurs & retail area.
    NOTE:  In view of T3's $30M upgrade & expansion work - Qantas already moved some regional flights from T4 to T3, while Jetsar's domestic flights are now at T3. Virgin Australia moved their domestic services to new Domestic Pier at T1 in 2015, the Qantas Group will use exclusively both T3 & T4.

T4 - Qantas Domestic Terminal 4
with gates 7 - 15 currently serves Qantas' all interstate & some regional flights, and houses the Qantas Club. This terminal is an independent terminal, not managed by the Airport Operator. Qantas passengers enjoy faster, smarter check-in with Q Card Readers, baggage drop & free WiFi.  T4 offers a currency exchange, Relay, rental car kiosk, CONNECT shuttle kiosk T4's Arrivals hall connects to T3's check-in hall.
    NOTE: Qantas intends to add seven more retail outlets and refurbish existing ones.

Airline Lounges:
- International T1:  Emirate Lounge (emirates.com.au); Malaysa Lounge (malaysiaairlines.com); Qantas Captains Club  (qantas.com.au); Singpore Silver Kris Lounge (singaporeair.com.)
- Domestic Pier: Virgin Australia lounges (business and Club).
- Domestic T3:  Virgin Australia lounge (tel. +61 8 9475 7921 or e-mail [email protected]; Alliance Airlines & VIP lounges.
- Domestic T4: Qantas Club, level 1& accessed via escalator; tel. +61 8 9270 9402 or email [email protected]
- Qantas Perth Domestic Business Lounge seats 350 passengers and is open to Business- and Platinum passengers, as well as to Platinum One frequent flyers. The lounge features two new Qantas Business Lounge dining concepts in the form of an Italian pizza bar and wine bar, and  menus designed by renowned Australian chef Neil Perry.