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Airport Overview

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is also known by its airport code PHX airport, or simply Phoenix Airport. PHX airport is amongst the largest commercial airports in the western United States. It covers 3,400 acres at the height of 1,135 feet. It consists of three parallel concrete runways, and three terminals. This airport is three miles East of downtown Phoenix, Arizona.. It also serves as one of the largest flight operating bases for Southwest Airlines, with almost 200 departures every day to over 50 cities throughout the USA. 

More information about the airport can be found below. 

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Airport Stats and Facts

  • Phoenix airport is the largest airport in Arizona.
  • PHX is one of the United States’ busiest airports, with a $106 million daily economic impact.
  • In a single day, more than 120,000 passengers arrive and depart and on over 1,200 aircraft
  • More than 8000 tons of air cargo is handled
  • In 2019, Phoenix Sky Harbor served over 46 million passengers (the most in the history of the airport).
  • In 2018, Phoenix airport ranked the world's 44th busiest airport.
  • In 2018, Phoenix International Airport served as the sixth-largest hub for American Airlines with approximately 250 departures every day to 102 destinations in 5 countries.

Passenger Pickup and Drop Off

Confirm in advance where you will meet your party because there is limited curb access, mainly during peak times.

  • Terminal 3 pickup and drop off regions are on the north and south curbs.
  • Terminal 4 drop off areas is on the level 2 (North and South curbs).
  • Terminal 4 passenger pick up is on level 1 (North and South curbs).
  • There is also a pickup at 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station. Wait for your party in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot located on the South of the station.

Notice: Waiting and parking at the curb are prohibited strictly. Violators are subject to enforcement.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • The busiest days are Monday and Friday. March is the busiest month, and early morning is the busiest time.
  • Check your travel bags the night before your flight to ensure you do not carry TSA prohibited items.
  • Don’t forget to look at the Phoenix airport map before heading out to the airport.
  • You also need an original form of ID for identity proof. Make sure you replace your driver’s license with the one that caters to Real ID standards.
  • Arrive two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight.
  • Before arriving, always check flight status, PHX security wait times and any possible flight delays.

Flight Status

For arriving flights: PHX arriving flight status offers arrival time, delays, gate information, and time-to-land.

For departing flights: PHX departing flight status offers map tracking, gate information, and actual versus scheduled departure times.

To get the best fares at Phoenix airport, Arizona, book a flight at PHX.

Airport Terminals

PHX airport consists of more than 120 gates spread across three terminals (2, 3, and 4). Each of them has its own amenities. To see the terminal locations and other details, refer to the PHX Airport terminal map.

Terminal 2 and 3

Terminals 2 and 3 are on the west side of the airport. Only domestic flights run from these terminals. Also, all terminal service is distributed across two levels.

  • Ground-level - here, you will find baggage claim, ticketing, ground transportation, and security checkpoint.
  • Upper level - houses a cafe, information services, and Travelmart outside of the secure area.

Terminal 4

Phoenix airport Terminal 4 is on the east side with two cell phone waiting lots, parking facilities, and Valley Metro Railway station. It serves domestic and international flights with the flight services split across three levels. It once claimed the title ‘terminal with best customer service’.

Tip: If your flight is on the same airline, you won’t need to change your terminal. But if the airline is different, you may need to change terminals. Thus, it’s best to plan accordingly.

Airlines Served

Phoenix airport is a hub of Southwest.  Other airlines that fly to Sky Harbor include Advanced Air, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Contour Airlines, Ameriflight, etc. See a full list of airlines served at PHX airport.

Airport Parking

There are more than 20,000 parking areas at Phoenix International Airport.

Short-term and Long-term Parking

On-site parking at Phoenix airport will cost from $7 for West economy Park and Walk to $25 per day in the Terminal Garages. Also, there are a total of six options for long-term parking at PHX Airport.

It includes the West Economy Park & Walk, Terminal 2 Economy, the East Economy Garages A & B, and the East Economy Uncovered Lot. Phoenix airport offers both daily and hourly parking regions near the terminals.

Off-site Parking 

There are also plenty of long-term off-site parking near the Phoenix Airport PHX. They charge a minimum of $8 per day. It provides advanced reservations to passengers online and also offers a shuttle service to the terminals.

Ground Transport

After arriving at the Phoenix airport, passengers will have tons of options for ground transportation. It includes trains, airport shuttles, taxis, car rentals, and buses.

PHX Airport Car Rental: Rental car center is on the outskirts of the airport at Sky Harbor Circle South, Phoenix. A few of the car rental companies that operate at the airport include E-Z Rent-A-Car, Alamo, Hertz, Fox, Advantage, Avis, etc.

PHX Airport Shuttle: You will also find three types of Airport shuttle services at Phoenix airport – statewide shuttle, scheduled shared-ride shuttles, and courtesy shuttle. Statewide shuttles travel to other cities located within Arizona.

The scheduled shuttle departs after every fifteen minutes from every terminal. However, few resorts and hotels offer Courtesy shuttles.

Buses and Trains: Valley Metro Bus route 13 runs between Phoenix terminal 2 and Buckeye Road near Estrella Commerce Center. However, bus route 44 runs from 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Station (North) to Desert Ridge.

Valley Metro Rail serves Phoenix, Alhambra, Tempe, and Mesa from 44t Street PHX Sky Train® Station to terminals 3 and 4. One ride will cost passengers $2. Day passes for rail are also available for $4.

Amenities and Services at Phoenix Airport

  • Free Wi-Fi and charging stations in every terminal.
  • Pet-relief and play area for kids.
  • Restaurants, bars, and shops for a full range of shopping and dining.
  • Grab-and-go food stations open 24-hours.
  • Nursing rooms within each terminal.
  • Smoke break areas (only permitted in designated outdoor areas).
  • ATMs (available at selected locations).
  • Foreign currency exchange.
  • Information counters.
  • Parking for disabled passengers.

Contact Information

PHX airport is operated by the Phoenix Airport system, owned by Phoenix City.

Address: 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
Phone: +1 602-273-3300
Important PHX Phone Numbers

General Inquiries: 602-273-3300
Airport Paging: 602-273-3456
Parking Hotline: 602-273-4545

Have you lost your belongings at Phoenix airport? Call 602-273-3333 or go to Lost & Found.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • Phoenix airport opened in the year 1928.
  • Sky Harbor Arizona was bought by the Phoenix city in July 1935 for $100,000. It paid $35,300, and took out a $64,700 mortgage. The city of Phoenix nicknamed the airport ‘the Farm’ because of its isolated site.
  • PHX emerged as one of the major passenger airports of the nation in 1951 with terminal 1 opening.
  • Terminal 1 was the first efficient and modern terminal created at that time. It was finished in Oct 1952 and cost $853,000. In the year 1990, it was knocked down. However, the other terminals were never renumbered.
  • Airlines flying into PHX Airport at that time include TWA, American, Frontier, and Western.
  • Terminal 2 of Phoenix airport opened to the public in 1962. In that year, the airport crossed 1 million passenger mark. Terminal 2 was one of the modern amenities of the nation. It consists of 330,000 sq. ft. and 19 gates.
  • The most exciting feature of Terminal 2 was a big mural in the lobby. It is a mosaic known as ‘Phoenix,’ thereby displaying the history of the city.
  • John D. Driggs (Phoenix mayor) was active in an airport income bond problem. It allowed the creation of a master plan for Sky Harbor. It also resulted in the addition of a new terminal. Terminal 3 opened in 1979.
  • In July 1986, Phoenix City approved one of the most important building projects in the history of Sky Harbor - Phoenix airport Terminal 4. It opened in Nov 1990. $248 million investment made it one of the largest projects in Phoenix.

Traveler Help

Questions about PHX? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

Relief station for dogs in terminal 4

Asked by John Wolff - Sun, 18 December

Yes, there is a relief area for dogs in Terminal 4 at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). The relief area is located on the departures level (second level) of the terminal, near the center of the terminal.

The relief area is a designated outdoor space where dogs can relieve themselves before or after a flight. It is equipped with bags and a disposal bin for cleaning up after your dog.

To use the relief area, you will need to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after them. It is important to follow the airport's rules and regulations for the relief area to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and animals at the airport.

Which terminal is Sky West Airlines in?

Asked by Austin G Nunez - Wed, 26 October

We didn't find Sky West Airlines at this airport. 

If I have a layover in Phoenix with American Airlines. Will both my gates be in terminal 4?Flying Tucson - Phoenix- Des Moines.

Asked by Melissa - Tue, 18 October

Yes, American Airlines uses Terminal 4 for all flights. 

I was wondering what terminal Allegiant arrives at?

Asked by Karen - Sun, 2 October

Allegiant Airlines uses Terminal 3. 

Which terminal has Southwest Airlines?

Asked by Eric Fukuo Kajiwara - Tue, 27 September

Southwest Airlines is located in Terminal 4. 

Can I buy euros at the airport?

Asked by dale parker - Mon, 12 September

No, there isn't a place in the airport to buy euros. 

What Terminal does Frontier Fly out of?

Asked by Cathy Goldman - Thu, 8 September

Frontier uses Terminal 3. 

When flying out of Terminal 3, should I used the east or west economy parking lot?

Asked by Leslie Hoffman - Mon, 29 August

Terminal 3 is closer to the west economy parking lot. 

What terminal does Allegiant fly out of?

Asked by william rebert - Wed, 17 August

Allegiant flies out of Terminal 3. 

Where do Uber and Lift pick up arrivals?

Asked by Bob - Tue, 9 August

There are different pick-up locations depending on which Terminal you will be getting picked up from. Terminal 3 is at the south outer curb, west end between doors #2 and #4. Terminal 4 is at Level 1 on the north outer curb and far west end outside door #1. Terminal 4 is also on Level 1 at the south outer curb east and end outside door #6 or door #8. 

What are the hours for curbside check-in at Terminal 3?

Asked by Bob pike - Sat, 18 June

Delta Airlines offers curbside check-in at Terminal 3 at the Phoenix Airport any time they have flights available. They are only the only airlines that offer curbside check-in at Terminal 3. 

Are the D gates on north side?

Asked by Lenny Williams - Sat, 28 May

No, the D Gates are on the South side of Terminal 4. 

Am I able to go to gate to wait for my relative to arrive?

Asked by Jamie - Wed, 20 April

No. Without a ticket you'll have to meet them before security. 

Terminal for sw airlines?

Asked by david - Sat, 9 April

Southwest Airlines operates out of Terminal 4 at this airport. 

How do I get to terminal 4 arrivals?

Asked by richard thomas stultz - Thu, 7 April

The Terminal 4 passenger pick-up areas are on level 1, by the north and south curbs. Once you arrive at the airport, follow signs for Terminal 4 Level 1.

Currency exchange?

Asked by Sam - Fri, 1 April

There does not currently seem to by any currency exchange offered at this airport. 

What gate will SW Airlines flight 3900 arrive at on Saturday?

Asked by Dan Woodward - Fri, 25 March

Please check with your airline about this a day or less prior to your flight. 

Contact number for missing baggage?

Asked by Chris Woods - Sun, 13 March

Please contact your airline regarding your missing baggage. 

Could you confirm that Alaska Airlines arrives and departs at Terminal 3?

Asked by Terrence Welling - Tue, 1 March

Yes, Alaska Airlines operates out of Terminal 3.

Where is PHX immigration?

Asked by greg - Sun, 27 February

For most international flights, they arrive at Terminal 4, Level 3, east end near Dunkin'. Immigration will follow. For flights from Canada, check with your airline for the  terminal and gate information as sometimes customs and immigration clearance happens in the Canadian departure area.

In what Terminal is American Airlines?

Asked by diane murphy - Sat, 19 February

American Airlines is located in Terminal 4 on Concourses A and B.

Where can I park when waiting for an arriving flight?

Asked by Bob - Wed, 16 February

There are several Cell Phone Lots for you to park in (free) while you wait for an arriving flight. There are lots east of Terminal 4 and near West Economy Garage and a lot  at the 44th Street Sky Train Station.

Can I get on a flight if I lost my driver’s license while in Phoenix?

Asked by Ranae - Mon, 20 September

This is really a TSA question - they do have a way to get through security without an ID under certain circumstances, as per TSA website.  Check out the section titled "Forgot your ID?"

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Q&A

Yes, the PHX sky harbor is open 24x7. Security checkpoints usually open 90 minutes before the first flight. See our direct flights page to see where you can go!
Distance between PHX airport and Scottsdale is 6.15 miles. It takes 15 to 20 minutes if you drive non-stop.
Yes. Phoenix airport also has eight pet relief areas located inside and outside of the secure area. The Paw Pad in Terminal 3 - Level 1 - It is located outside of the terminal on the West End. It's part of a new West Plaza region that provides an outdoor area for native Arizona plants and animals. The BoneYard - It is on the west end of Terminal 4 - Level 1 outside of the baggage claim.
Yes! There are tons of sleeping suites available in concourse D of terminal 4. Comfy beds allow travelers to take a quick nap after a stressful trip. We also recommend these awesome PHX layover ideas.
Phoenix Airport zip code is 85034.