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Banking/ATM Services at Shanghai Pudong PVG Airport

Banking and ATMs are available at both terminals.  Some of the many banks listed under "Currency Exchange" may also be serving your other banking needs.
Bank branches:
Bank of China at International Departures, gates 15/16;
China Citic Bank in Domestic Departures, gates 4/5;
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China: International Departures, gates 12/14
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: International Arrivals, gates 10/12.

ATM cash machines At Terminal 1:
West of check-in area D in the domestic departure hall (Bank of Communications, Bank of China);
Domestic arrival connection corridor (SPD Bank);
South of the reception business center in the International Arrival Hall (SPD Bank)
West of check-in Area K of the International Departure Hall (SPD Bank, Bank of China)
Between Gates 8 & 9 of the International Departure Ticket Hall (Bank of China)
ATM cash machines at Terminal 2:
Next to check-in Area M in the Domestic Departure Hall (Bank of Communications);
North of Elite Services Counter in the International Departure Hall (Bank of Communications);
Opposite the Business Center on middle walkway in the International Reception Hall (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China);
ATM of Foreign Banks for automatic withdrawal - using foreign credit or debit cards:
South of the north walkway in the reception area of the Domestic Arrival Hall (Hang Seng Bank);
South of the middle walkway in the reception area of the International Arrival Hall (Citibank);
Next to the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Landing Visa Desk in the International Arrival Hall (HSBC Bank); and
East of baggage carousel 27 in the International Arrival Connection Corridor (HSBC Bank)

Currency Exchange at Shanghai Pudong PVG Airport

Currency Exchanges at PVG Airport are available in both terminals and at the Transportation Center (name of banks/ foreign exchange service is listed first). Most of the institutions listed below also offer regular banking services.

Foreign Exchange at T1:
Bank of China - between gates 8 & 9;
SPD Bank - beween gates 10 & 11
Foreign Exchange with Traveler's Checks at T1:
Zhangjiang - at boarding gate 18 of International Departures Hall;
SPD Bank - between gates 9 & 10 and 10 & 11 of Reception area in Arrivals Hall;
SPD Bank - between baggage carousels 8 & 9 of Baggage Claim area in International Arrivals Hall;
Zhangjiang -  between baggage carousels 10 & 11
Foreign Exchange at T2:
SPD Bank - behind check-in area D of Arrivals Hall
Foreign Exchange with Traveler's Checks at T2:
SPD Bank - at international departure corridor;
SPD Bank - between baggage carousels 26 & 27 of baggage claim area, International Arrivals Hall.
Geoswift  - next to Business Center of middle walkway, International Arrivals reception hall.
Zhangjiang - baggage carousels 22 & 23 of International arrivals hall.
Hang Seng United - between baggage carousels 29 & 30 of international arrivals;
Travelex - next to Information Desk at domestic arrival/departure mixed level;
Foreign Exchange at Transportation Center:
Travelex - at information desk, next to walkway.


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