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Spokane Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger at Spokane International, use the free Cell Phone Lot located off Airport Drive (see NOTE below)  Stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. 
    NOTE: Airport Drive is the road leading to/from Spokane/ Coeur d'Alene; it is the circle road from which all Airport facilities can be reached.  At intersection of Flint Road (accessible from Hwy 2 /Fairchild AFB) and Airport Drive, make a right on Airport Drive to the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, or continue north to the North Shuttle Parking Lot (at left).   Airport Drive continues after Cell Phone Lot to the 'Outside Parking Lot at left and 'C Concourse Parking' lot to the right.  Of the two Garages one is right across from the Main Terminal, while another one is right behind it.

Other parking options at Spokane Airport (electronic signs on inbound lanes inform you of parking space availability). All parking options have ADA parking spaces; Garages have elevators and the Skybridge offers on level 2 access to all Concourses.
    Metered Parking: Within the Airport Loop are the Transportation and Pickup Area, three metered parking areas.
Fees: first half hour $1; second half hour $2
    Parking Garages:  (a) The Garage right in font of the passenger terminal with two skybridges on both ends connecting to the terminal, and (b) The Garage right behind it.
Fees: up to 59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs $4; 2-3 hrs $6; 3-4 hrs.$8; 4-24 hrs $10/ weekly $70
    Outside Parking Lot surrounding the second Garage and is on both sides of a side road.
Fees: up to 59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs $4; 2-3 hrs $6; 3-4 hrs.$8;  daily $8; weekly $56
    Concourse C Parking Lots are opposite of Concourse C  - credit or debit card only.
Fees:  up to 59 mins $2, 1-2 hrs $4; 2-3 hrs $6; 3-4 hrs. $7.50; weekly $52.50 - credit/debit card only
    The Economy Lot on Flint Road with continuous free shuttle service from all Concourses.
Fees: up to 59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs $4 (daily max); weekly $28.

ADA accessible parking i
s available in all Lots and Garages. Elevators are available to all floors of the Parking Garage. Skybridge access to all Concourses is on floor 2.
Parking Fees
inlcude taxes and may be paid by American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa.
Free Electric vehicle parking
is located on level 1 of the West Garage.
Free carwash is available if parking in either the Garage or the Outside Parking lot.

For more parking information call 509-455-6457.

Spokane ( GEG ) Airport Parking Map

Spokane GEG airport parking map

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