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Spokane Airport ( GEG ) Terminal Map Information

Spokane GEG Terminal Map GEG Concourse A GEG Concourse B GEG Concourse C


Spokane Airport has a Main Terminal wih Concourses A, B & C. Concourses A & B to the west of the main terminal share the same security checkpoint; Concourse C with separate security checkpoint is to the east of the terminal. Both west and east sides of the main terminal are connected by Skybridge to the parking garage and also have individual metered parking spaces, including the center.  Note that WiFi access and baggage carts are free! The Skyway Cafe is to the right of the main enrance, clearly marked (tel. 509-534-5986).

    The West side of the terminal houses rental car desks, baggage claims 1, 2 & 3, rental car counters & outside transportation, and ticketing desks for Concourses A & B airlines.
      Concourse A/B  - shaped like a Y with gates on the upper level - houses A gates 11-15 to the left (for Southwest); and B gates gates 1-8 to the right (for Delta & United ).
    The East side of the terminal houses Baggage claims 4 & 5, ticketing desks for Alaska & American,  the TSA Office, a conference room, Police & Dispatch, and security check with access to gates thereafter:
       Concourse C - is presently for Alaska & American airlines. It houses gates 21-A&B to 26 (at left), and gates 30 to 32 (at right, upper level).

Arriving passengers from A & B gates will use baggage claims 1, 2 & 3 at Terminal's west side, while C gate arrivals will use bagagge claims 4 & 5 - both areas have separate connections to the Parking Garage. 
Taxis & buses stop at the West corner of the terminal.