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Vienna International Airport ( VIE ) Terminal Map Information

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Transfer Passengers, Terminal Layout at Vienna International Airport;  Terminal Details, Services & Amenities, including Priority Terminal & VIP Terminal (GAC): 

Transfer Passengers:  Schengen arrivals transferring to flights of Star Alliance members will transfer on the same level. Transfers from/to Schengen  to/from Non-Schengen flights need to switch to another level:  Gates are arranged between Schengen & Non-Schengen traffic. Simply follow signs. Non-Schengen arrivals need to go through immigration/ customs clearance procedure.
A shuttle bus runs between gates B/C & F/G, and beween gates D & F/G


Vienna Airport has one 3-level integrated Terminal
(but still divided on level 1 by 'Terminals'  T1, T1A, T2 & T3,  Level).
    The ground level (0) is the Arrivals level - with baggage claim, customs, Central Arrivals Hall for all arriving passengers; information desk and access to outside transportation. This area also has a few shops & restaurants close to the baggage claim, and offers direct access to the City Airport Train (CAT), the rapid transit system, bus terminal, carpark 4, & short-stay carpark K3. 
    Level 1 is the departure/ check-in level - at east is T1A with check-in counters 111-132 & T1 with check-in counters 151-199; in the center (T2) is empty; and at west is T3 with check-in counters 301-399. 
Access from level 1 to the gates:  F gates are on level 1; G gates on level 3 - both reached from level 1, at T3.  B, C & D gates on level 2 can be accessed at the corridor between T2 & T3.
- The East side of the check-in level with T1 & T2:  Between Check-in T1 & T2 are currency exchange, shops, & restaurants, telephones & meeting point - leading to carpark 3.  Near check-in T1 is Lost & Found.  A central security check with 15 lanes leads to a large shopping & restaurant area - the Plaza - with access:
- to the right  to B gates B31-42 & to C gates B31-42 - housing a transfer desk near C33, and connecting to gates C71-75; and
- to the left to D gates D31-37, D61-70, and D21-29.  D gates are mostly used for long-haul flights, including to the U.S. The D gate area offers two lounges, 2 transfer counters, currency exchange & a shop. 
- The West side of the check-in level  with T3 (mainly  for Austrian Airlines using F & G gates) houses check-in 3 with counters 301-399, and housing shops, police, Information counter, meeting point & telephones and access to the CAT City Express train.  After security check is access to gates F01-F37 (near gate 1 is a transfer counter, currency exchange & telephone).  From F gates, one level up is access to B, C & D gates;  and 2 levels up is access to G gates.
   Level 2 houses gate areas B, C, D & F each with gates 1-37;  
   Level 3 houses gate area G with gates 1-37.

Transfer Desks in the Gate Areas:
- 3 Transfer Desks each are located  F & G gates (for Austrian Airlines and its Star Alliance members); 
- one each in the C & D gates.  If you flight has been canceled, go to your transfer desk to arrange for new booking.

Services & Amenities inside the terminals include conference & business centers, fitness center, business lounges, free internet access, bank and currency exchange offices, restaurants and shops, Lost & Found, a chapel, and more. For medical care & vaccinations call +431 7007 22245. A supermarket and a gas station are across from Parking lot C.
    Lounges at Vienna Airport: Air Lounge, Austrian Senator West, Priority Terminal, AUA Business Plaza, Hon Circle, VIE Jet, Austrian Business East, Austrian Senator East.  For information call +43 1 7007 23407 or open:
    The 'Priority Terminal' , accessible to frequent flyers and membes of Priority Club Gold or Platinum, is across from Concourse West, C-gates, and the multi-storey carpark 3. It offers speedy check-in, passport & security control & special services.
NOTE: Economy-clas passengers may use the lounges by paying a fee of about 30 Euros.
    The 'VIP Terminal' (GAC) (tel. +431 7007 23300 /fax 23250) is located at the Airport entrance (from motorway A4, take exit B9 to traffic light, follow sign). The VIP terminal, with its own parking facility, intended for individuals and groups, as well as for passengers requiring additional security.