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LOST PROPERTY OFFICE If you have lost an item in the terminals, on the airport premises (e.g. multi-storey car parks), on the CAT or on arriving aircraft, please register your loss report here.      The statistics confirm that every second registered loss report will lead to a successful conclusion and the lost item can be returned to its owner.
What did you lose? If you have any problems displaying the find report, please click here.
COLLECTION AND PAYMENT If we have received your item, there are various collection and payment options: 1. LOST PROPERTY OFFICE, TERMINAL 1 / LEVEL 0 You can collect the item from us in the lost property office Terminal 1, level 0. You can pay the outstanding amount of the item fee in cash or by bank/credit card in the lost property office. Please bring your find confirmation and a valid official photo ID. Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00 hrs 2. DELIVERY BY COURIER SERVICE If you are unable to collect the item in person, please contact the delivery and packaging service of “Mail Boxes Etc.” in A-2320 Schwechat or a courier service of your choice. Contact details “Mail Boxes Etc.-Schwechat”:
Email:   [email protected] The collection of found items by a courier service must be commissioned and paid by the owner him/herself. Please note that you must pay the outstanding amount of the item fee in advance. You have the option to pay your invoice by credit card using our online payment service. This service can be accessed via a link which we will send together with our invoice by email.
Furthermore, you also have the option of bank transfer. Please enter the invoice number in the reason for payment field, otherwise we will be unable to assign your payment. All fees are payable by the client.
There is also the possibility of credit card payment. Once the payment has been made, your item can be handed over to the courier service. 3. OUTSIDE OF LOST PROPERTY OFFICE OPENING TIMES FROM THE INFORMATION COUNTER, TERMINAL 3 / ARRIVALS It is also possible to collect your item outside of lost property office opening times from the information counter, Terminal 3/ Arrivals. Please inform us by email at least one day in advance / no later than 18:00 hrs! You can pay the outstanding amount of the item fee by bank/credit card at the information counter. Please bring your find confirmation and a valid official photo ID.
From the 8th day (from documentation of find) a storage fee will be charged. Maximum charge for storage fee is up to the 30thstorage day - maximum charge is 15 Euros. When calculating the basic fee for multiple found items, only the item with the highest fee is calculated. Example:​ Lost travel bag (20 € plus storage fee) with laptop (25 € plus storage fee), stored in Lost Property Office for 10 days. Basic fee: 25 € Storage fee (accrued from 8th day) 3 x 0,50 €: 1 ,50 € Overall amount: 26,50 €
FEE LIST   FOUND ITEM BASIC FEE (EUR) Laptop, tablet 25,- Wallet, mobile phone, camera, video cam and accessories, portable audio device (MP3, iPod), other electronic devices, stroller, suitcase and trolley, var. bags, travelbag,backpack, cash from 50 EUR up 20,- Keys, wristwatch, jewellery, eReader (e.g. Kindle), scissors, var. knifes, tools, musical instruments 15,- Passport, driver’s licence, registration certificate, identity card and documents, optical glasses, sunglasses, speakers, headphones, electronic accessories, skis and accessories, inline skates, skateboard, scooter, other sports goods 10,- Coat, jacket, blazer, photos, photo album, smoking utensils, spirits, food, lighter, paper/plastic bags, cosmetics, filofax, calendar, bank books/securities 5,- Umbrella, walking cane, crutch/walking frames, medical aids (wheel chair, rollator), toys, various clothing (head gear, shawl, belt, shoes, gloves, pullover, cardigan, trousers, blanket), stationary, book 2,50 EC card/ARM card, credit card, medications), miscellaneous (e.g. child seat) Free of charge

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