Ticket Cancellation Fees

Airline cancellation fees

vary by airline. Some airlines offer full refunds to passengers, provided that the passenger purchased an eligible ticket. Other airline policies allow passengers to cancel their ticket and re-book a flight using a credit issued to them by the airline within a year of the initial flight departure. In most cases, each situation will vary, and may depend on the ticket type, the change being made, or th ecarrier.
NOTE: all tickets purchased for US carriers may be 100% refunded if bought within 24 hours of the ticket booking.

The airline cancellation fee for an American Airlines flight is largely dependant on what type of ticket the passenger purchased. Refunds or changes for refundable tickets can be obtained by cancelling the ticket online, over the phone or in person at any time prior to the flight's departure. Refunds are typically issued within 20 business days.

Passengers who purchased a nonrefundable ticket will typically not receive a refund but may be elidgible for a credit towards another American Airlines flight.  In these cases the cancellation fee is set by American, plus any difference in the ticket price of the new nbooking. If the cancellation is due to a change in flight time by American Airlines that is more than 61 minutes from the original flight time, passengers can request a flight voucher for another flight.

Passengers that cancel their non-refundable  flight after the 24-hour mark will forfeit their ticket price as a cancellation fee.  However, tickets may be exchanged for a credit for future use, by paying applicable change fees, plus and difference in the cost of the flight.

The airline cancellation fees at United Airlines depend on the type of ticket purchased. Refundable tickets can be cancelled without a fee at anytime. Nonrefundable airline cancellation fees equal the amount of the ticket, meaning the passenger will not receive a refund. Changes are permitted but come with fees.

The airline cancellation fee at JetBlue does not apply to passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking it; provided the flight was booked at least seven days prior to departure. For all other ticket cancellations, passengers are charged a $100 fee, which is deducted from their refund. The remainder of their refund is then issued in the form of a JetBlue flight credit that can be applied toward any future JetBlue ticket purchase.

The airline cancellation policies on Southwest Airlines allow passengers with refundable tickets to cancel without a penalty at any time. Passengers without refundable tickets will be charged the full price of the original ticket as a fee, resulting in no refund. Changes are permitted, which may incur fees.

Passengers will refundable tickets will receive a full refund at the time of cancellation. Passengers with nonrefundable tickets will not be charged a fee, but they will not receive a refund. They will be issued a US Airways flight voucher good for one year for the amount of their original tickets.