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Akron Canton Regional Airport Map & Terminal Guide

Getting Around the Airport

Akron Canton Regional Airport is serving northeast Ohio. It was recently ranked as one of the fastest-growing airports in the country and the Airport has responded by embarking in 2008 on a 10-year expansion and improvement project, which includes the recent extension of the runway. Akron Airport is also offering one of the cheapest fares in the U.S.

CAK Airport is situated between the cities of Akron and Canton, is nearest to Interstate 77, and can be reached indirectly from I-271, I-277 & I-76.

The CAK Airport has been operational since the past decade and has redesigned and upgraded its facilities to better serve the needs of its passengers.

Main Terminal

The terminal building structure at the CAK airport has one main terminal building which houses all airport facilities.

There are six doors for Arrivals/Departures for the main terminal: Doors 1-3 Departures and Doors 4-6 for Arrivals. After the entrance, in the centre there is a Visitor Information Centre. On the right there are Ticketing/Check-in counters and on the left there are Baggage Claim carousels and Car Rental counters. Baggage Claim carousel 1 is for American, carousel 2 is for United, carousel 3 is for Delta, and carousel 4 is for Spirit. There is an ATM and First Aids in this area.

Next to the Ticketing counters there is a TSA security checkpoint leading to the terminal gate areas of the main terminal building. This has the terminal gates labelled as Gates G1-G9. There is a Vending Machine, stairs, and Conference Rooms next to the TSA security checkpoint. Across G2 and G4 there is First Aid and across G5 there is a Power Station. Mother’s Room, Pet Relief Area, and First Aid is situated across G7 and G8.

G3 and G4 are served by United, G5 is served by Spirit, and G7 and G8 are served by American Airlines.

Outside there is Shuttle Pickup, Taxi Pickup, Rideshare Pickup, and Bus Stop.

For more information, please refer to the CAK Airport Map here.

Food, Shops & Amenities

There are various shopping and dining options in the CAK airport. For dining there is Buckhead Grill, Great Lakes Brewing Co., and CAK Cafe amongst other options. For shopping there is Royal Docks Airport Taproom and CAK Online Store.

Terminal Tips

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time to account for TSA security wait times and any possible delays.
  • To ensure a smooth check-in process, passengers should pack carry-on luggage in a suitable manner, have photo ID ready, and read all the airline guidelines properly prior to arriving at the airport.
  • No unattended baggage will be allowed inside the terminal building. You must keep your bags with you at all times.

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North Canton Airport Overview Map
North Canton Airport Overview Map

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