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Medical & Handicapped Help Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport MEX

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Emergency / Medical Servicesat Mexico City Benito Juarez MEX Airport


Location: Terminal 1, Concourse "B" (Access thru A1)
Tel: 2482-2424, Ext. 2243 and 5571-3084
Schedule: 24/365

Location: Terminal 2, Height of position 75
Tel: 2598-7000 Ext. 7007 and 7008
Schedule: 24/365

Location: Terminal1, below gate 25, last waiting area (access thru concourse "G")
Tel: 2482.2424 , Ext. 2535
Schedule: 7am-10:30 pm

A. Ground medical assistance.
B. Assistance for patients with chronic illness in carriers on domestic or international flights.
C. Unexpected illness on board either domestic or international flights.
D. Access especially design for ambulances to the airport (AICM).

If you show symptoms of illness or a health care emergency at any point within the airport premises, or on board while plane is on the ground, notify this service.

For your convenience there are three fully-equipped nursing areas for passenger care, as well as for visitors and AICM personnel.

People With Special Needs / Persons With Disabilities

Passengers in need of special help need to follow these steps:
1. We offer free transfer service to passengers with disabilities in Terminal 1-2 from 6:30 am to 10.00 pm.
2. We offer air train service between 5:00 am and 11.00 pm.
3. Please contact your airline for further information.

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