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Baggage Claim at Denver DEN Airport

Below is a list of Airlines and their baggage claim location at Denver Airport:
AeroMexico, International Arrivals
Air Canada, Carousel 18, Terminal West
Alaska Airlines, Carousel 5, Terminal East
American Airlines, Carousel 17, Terminal West
British Airways International Arrivals
Delta Air Lines, Carousel 4, Terminal East
Frontier Airlines, Carousels 1-3, Terminal East
Great Lakes Airlines, Carousel 3, Terminal East
Icelandair, International Arrivals
jetBlue Airways, Carousel 9, Terminal East
Lufthansa, International Arrivals
Spirit Airlines, Carousel 5, Terminal East
Southwest Airlines, Carousels 5-9, Terminal East
United Airlines, Carousels 10-16, Terminal West
Volaris Airlines, International Arrival

If your bags have not arrived on the belt, you need to go to the baggage office nearby to report it.

There are no rental lockers available at the airport.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Denver DEN Airport

SmarteCarte Baggage Carts are located near ticket counters, baggage carousels and security-screening checkpoints in the Jeppesen Terminal on Levels 5 and 6 and at Inspection Services area.
NOTE: Baggage carts are not allowed on the train, on moving walkways or on any escalator.

Security at Denver DEN Airport

The TSA toll-free number is 1-866-289-9673;  email: [email protected].  For prohibited items open http://www.tsa.gov/public/