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Paris Orly Airport: Terminal Layout, Terminals South & West details,  and 'Catching your Connecting Flight'.

The passenger terminal complex at Paris Orly Airport consists of Terminal West and Terminal South with new International Pier. The newer Terminal West with two concourses is intended for shorter flight routes, while the older Terminal South with two 2-level concourses handles most of the long-haul routes. The terminals are not connected, but are served by the free ORLYVAL shuttle (running every 4-7 mins, 4:30am to 12:30am).  
As part of Orly's redevelopment project it recently completed the South & West Terminal esplanades & approaches. With the landscaped pedestrian forecourt in front of the terminal, there is now a more spacious pedestrian area.
 - The 3-level P1 carpark & P3 Red are now linked to the terminal's departure level via 4 wide elevators.
 - Public and professional traffic flows on the departures level are now separated, with a  taxi lane alongside the terminal.
 - The new drop-off area is free for up to 10 minutes. The PRO car park located on the arrivals levels is for buses and shuttles only.
 - Traffic in front of the terminal is now restricted to the dropping off of passengers by taxis, shuttles only.
 - While South & West Terminal esplanades & aproaches were completed -  ongoing construction on the 80,000 sq.meter Connector should be completed by  2019, whereupon Orly Airport will have one integrated terminal with 37 percent more space, three departure lounges and an added capacity of 3.5M passengers annually.

Due to lack of sufficient staff and long lines at security check during Summer 2017, it is recommended that you open www.airlinequality.com/airport-reviews/paris-orly-airport/  Be prepared!  If you have a passport with digital fingerprint you may use a dedicated queue, saving time.
(While the Airport news site touts its many new high-end restaurants and shops - it has no relevant other news.)

Terminal South (TS) at Paris Orly Airport - intended for shorter flights - consists of a sublevel -1, Main Levels 0 (Arrivals) &  1 (Departures), and 3 mezzanine levels 2, 3 & 4. Multimedia spaces with iPads are available at Hall B*.
    Sublevel -1 of TS houses shops & food.
    Level 0 is the Arrivals Level of TS - with baggage claim, information counters, tourist counters, and meeting point in the center.  Outside of it - on opposite ends - re the Orlyval train entrances.
    Level 1 is the Departures Level of TS - divided into a non-Schengen Hall A  and a Schengen Hall B. It houses food & drink & retail concessions, including duty-free shops, a pharmacy, information counter.  Access to the gates are partitioned between Security check and Border control. 
- The center houses gates A40-A42 & A1-10.
- Hall A to the right houses gates A11-A27;
- Hall B to the left has gates B2-B20.
   The  International Pier of TS opened in spring 2016. The eco-friendly Pier is 180 meters long, with a 12,000 sq.meter boarding area. It can accommodate 1.9M passengers annually, as well as (eventually) six widebody, or 12 mid-size aircraft. There is a separate level for arrivals & departures. Multi-language guiding signs are oversized & can be seen from far away. Large bay windows allow for natural light. The carpeted seating area has 950 seats, there are shop & service areas open to passenger flow (currently a large perfume/ alcohol/ tobacco shop, Exki Bar & Restaurant with runway views, and a large Relay shop) . Services include children's play area, the babyLounge with 4 cots, microwave, bottle warmer & sink; 2 PS4 game areas, 2 video & multimedia areas, work station with charging point; free piano access; and a landscaped, open-air smoking area.
    Level 2 Mezzanine of TS houses a prayer area, food & drink, & a conference center.
    Level 3 Mezzanine of TS has 2 restaurants on opposite sides.
    Level 4 Mezzanine of TS houses various conference centers, the 'Orly International', a baby-care facility, and an outdoor patio with trees & benches.

Terminal West (TW) at Paris Orly Airport - intended for most long-haul flights - has three levels: Levels 0,1 & 2:
    Level 0 of TW is the Arrivals level (divided into Arrivals 1-4 (east to west) -each of which has its own baggage claim & services and its center has a meeting point.  The Information counter is near Arrivals 02 baggage claim.
    Level 1 of TW is the Departures level - divided into a Central Hall, with Halls (Boarding areas) 3 & 4 to the left, and 1 & 2 to the right.
- Hall 1 leads to departures 10 (gates 10A-10P);
- Hall 2 leads to departures 20 (gates20A-20L). The new & free digitally-connected Escape Business Lounge Hall 2 with WiFi access seats 32 passengers.
- Hall 3 leads to departure 30 (no gate indication)  & at opposite side: Hall 3 to departures 31 (gates 31A-31F); the new OpenSkies Airline Premium Business-class Lounge '212 Orly West'  is a few feet from the OpenSky boarding gate.
- Hall 4 leads to Departures 40 (gates 40A-40G. 
    Level 2 Mezzanine of TW houses La Brasserie & the Business Center.
A moving walkway close to Door A and Hall 01 connects to the South Terminal.
An escalator in the Central Hall connects to the Mezzanine level 2, while Elevators take you to parking P0. 

Amenities and services in both terminals include food & drink and retail & duty-free concessions, information desks, banking facilities (ATM machins, currency exchange, bank branch), business work stations, conference centers, post office, internet access & cyber cafe, rental cars, pharmacies & health centers, lost property, baggage services, massage, beauty salons, newsstands, childrens' play areas, game machines, prayer area, concierge service, and tourist informaton points and safe-keeping area.
NOTE: Transit  passengers with three or more hours of time between flights may want to take advantage of the new ‘Instant Paris’ Transit lounge, located in Hall L of Terminal 2, which offers an area of relaxation, culture & entertainment, including a library.

Catching  your Connecting Flight:  (also see 'Buses & Trains' section)
- If you are landing at T-South and connecting to T-West:
After debarkation, follow signs 'Exit - Baggage Reclaim'. After passport & Customs control, go to exit K to take the free ORLYVAL to 'Orly West' (runs every 4-7 mins, 4:30am to 12:30am).
- If you are landing at T-West and connecting to T-South: After passport & Customs control go to Exit A on the Departure level and take the ORLYVAL for 'Orly South'.
- If you need to transfer to the Charles de Gaulle Airport, take the new 'Le Bus Direct Line 3' (see 'Buses & Trains).  Alternatively, you can take the ORLYVAL shuttle train to the RER B's  'Antony' station (every 4-7 mins, 5:50am-10:50pm at 7.40 EU), where you can transfer to the 'Aeroport Charles de Gaulle' train (every 5-8 mins, 6am-11pm at 10.20 EU, taking about one hour). The train stops at "Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1 & 2 (Terminals 1 & 2). From there you need to walk or take the shuttle bus to either T-3 or the T-2 terminals A to E.  

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