Linz Blue Danube LNZ Horsching, Oberoestereich (63 miles)
Munich MUC Oberding, Bavaria (68 miles)
Innsbruck INN Innsbruck (85 miles)
Graz GRZ Feldkirchen /Graz, Steiermark (126 miles)
Ljubliana Joze Pucnik LJU Brnik-aerodrom (127 miles)
Trieste No-Borders TRS Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia (138 miles)
Nurnberg NUE Nurnberg, Bavaria (146 miles)
Treviso Sant Angelo TSF Treviso (TV) (152 miles)
Venice VCE Tessera - Venezia (161 miles)
Friedrichshafen Bodensee FDH Friedrichshafen, Baden-Wurt. (162 miles)

When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.