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Sarasota Airport Parking Rates & Information

Looking for the perfect parking spot at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)? We have your answers!

There are 7 main parking areas at Sarasota Airport:

  • SRQ Short Term Parking
  • SRQ Long Term Parking
  • SRQ Shaded Parking
  • SRQ Valet Parking
  • SRQ Cell Phone Lot
  • SRQ Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • SRQ Fastlane Parking Program

Putting you at convenience, the SRQ airport provides convenient and easily accessible SRQ airport parking spaces. There are a lot of parking facilities available at the airport based on the needs of different visitors with unique needs. In this SRQ airport parking guide, you will be able to explore all your available parking options and will also learn about the charges you will have to pay.

Sarasota Airport parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below.

Short-Term Parking

Location: At airport, across the terminal building

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Walking distance

Featuring ample parking spaces, this handicap-accessible parking lot is the closest to the airport’s terminal building. It is just a few minutes to walk.

Short-Term Parking Rates

0-30 Minutes No Charge

31-40 Minutes $2.00

Each addl. 20 mins $2.00

Daily Maximum $16.00

Long-Term Parking

Location: Adjacent to the short-term lot

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Shuttle

Featuring plenty of public parking spaces, this handicap-accessible parking lot is a located adjacent to the SRQ short term parking lot.

Long Term Parking Rates

0-30 Minutes No Charge

31-60 Minutes $2.00

Each addl. 20 mins $2.00

Daily Maximum $13.00

Shaded Parking

Location: East of the terminal building

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Shuttle

Clearance: 8’-0”

To access this new shaded SRQ parking lot, you will enter Airport Circle, and then take your right before you reach the terminal building. Drop off your vehicles dropped with the Valet service located at curbside. Featuring 300+ covered parking spaces, SRQ airport shaded parking is a secure, fenced, and lighted area. There is an automated exit that only accepts credit cards as payments. When entering the lot, you will take a ticket and have to use a credit card when exiting.

Shaded Parking Rates

Credit Card Only

0-30 Minutes No Charge

31-60 Minutes $2.00

Each addl. 20 mins $2.00

Daily Maximum $14.00

Valet Parking

SRQ facilitates a no-wait terminal curbside valet parking service that is operated and managed by Republic Parking System. This SRQ airport valet parking service is available starting from as early as 5 a.m. everyday, until the last scheduled arriving customer.

When using this facility, you may leave your vehicle with the valet parking attendant situated near the terminal front drive center canopy. Also, you may retrieve your vehicle at the same location when you return from your flight.

By checking the customer’s arrival information, the valet service gets the customer’s vehicle waiting for them upon their return, instead of retrieving the vehicle only after the customer asks for the same.

Valet Parking Rates

First 8 hours or portion thereof, $10.00

Each additional 8 hours or portion thereof, $8.00

Maximum per day $18.00

Cell Phone Waiting Area

Located right of the Airport Rental road, Sarasota Airport cell phone lot is available to motorists who come to the airport to pick any arriving passengers. You must stay with your vehicle at all times while in the Cell Phone Lot. You can check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone while you wait.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Stations

SRQ provides eight level-2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available to those who own electric-powered automobiles. The stations are complimentary for those parking an electric vehicle in the short term parking lot and can be found in row A8.

Fastlane Parking Program

Sarasota Airport facilitates the long-term "Fastlane" Parking Program. This program facilitates customers with convenient access in and out of the SRQ long-term parking and shaded parking facility. This new, automated Fastlane program is implemented in collaboration with Republic Parking System (RPS).

SRQ Off-Airport Parking

Save 50% Or More vs. On-Airport Parking
Hampton Inn & Suites SRQ
Hampton Inn & Suites SRQ
975 University Parkway , Sarasota, FL, 34243
Parking options: N/A
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day
More info

Sarasota Bradenton Airport Parking Q&A

Parking near Sarasota Airport is possible via several off-airport parking lots, including some dedicated lots such as park and fly and hotels such as Hampton Inn & Suites SRQ. Most offer very competitive parking rates vs the airport lots. Note that parking near SRQ at off-site locations almost always requires advanced reservations.
Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport parking is generally affordable relative to other city-based airports. Please check above for specific prices and details for each parking location.
No. Pre-booking for parking is not available. You can pre-book at most off-airport parking lots that are typically less than the SRQ parking rates (see above).
All rates shown above include all taxes and fees. All Sarasota Airport parking facilities accept cash and the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover.
Sarasota Airport provides battery assistance, tire inflation, and assistance with locating your vehicle. Dial 941-359-2770 to request any of these services.
Yes. But curbside is for active loading and unloading of passengers. You can wait in the Cell Phone Area until your arriving passenger is at the curb, and check arrivals to SRQ.