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Akron Canton Regional Airport ( CAK ) Terminal Map Information

Akron Canton Regional CAK Terminal Map


Recent Airport improvements include a new entrance road & loop with commercial lanes, LED lighting, new entrance & exit plazas, a new Rental Car Lot for 8 rental car agencies and a 240-space covered parking lot. 

Akron Canton Regional Airport has one passenger terminal.  
 - The Ground level is the Arrivals & Check-in level - with Arrivals area (west) with baggage claims 1-4, rental car counters; and a 'Ticket Wing' (east) with check-in facilities and acces to security check and gates; in the center of the ground level is an Information desk, vending machine, comfort seating, mobil boarding passes, Subway, Buckhead Grill, JJ's Sports Bar,  and a gift shop.  
 - Level 2 is the Departure level with an Atrium in the center, surrounded by the departure gates. The Atrium houses an ATM, while Cinnabon & CAK Marketplace are near the gate G1 entrance. The Atrium connects to gates G1-G7 on the same level, while an elevator or escalator is needed for gates G8-G11. 
 - gates 1 & 2 are to the right of the Atrium (next to Cinnabon & Marketplace) and serve United.
 - gates 3 - 7 are to the north of the Atrium and serve Delta & American airlines. Near the entrance is Step2 Play Port & Ohio Desk Business Center, thereafter you find a mother's room, work stations, CAK Marketplace Cafe and the Great Lakes Bar.
 - gates 8 - 11 are to the west of the Atrium (reached by elevator/escalaor) and serve United and Spirit airlines. It houses Arby's & Great Lakes Brewing. 

Airlines presently serving the Airport: NOTE: American, Delta, & United  allow you to use your mobile device to display your boarding pass at check-in, at TSA security checkpoint, and to board your plane.  
- American AA, tel. 800-433-7300
- Delta DL tel. 800-455-2720
- Spirit NK, tel. 801-401-2222
- United UA, tel. tel. 800-864-8331

Currently Active Projects (some may already be completed):
- Expansion of parking lots by nearly 1,000 spaces;
- upgrades to the ticketing wing (new counter with 3 ticket positions; 150 feet of extra check-in space; adding baggage make-up & TSA baggage check spaces).
- Gate replacement.
- Upgrades to important passenger 'touch points' to provide for a less stressful experience.
Work to be done in the Future:
- Expansion of aircraft parking & general aviation area (freeing up space for 2-3 large aircraft );
- Widening entrance road by  one more lane for easier passenger pickup/ dropoff;
- Expansion of the upper-level concourse by 300 feet with 3 more gates & business club, 300 added seats, glas arium, & added restrooms.