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Denver International Airport DEN - referred to by locals as  'DIA' - but internationally known as DEN, its Airport Code - is the State of Colorado's primary airport, serving its 'Mile-High City' Denver and surrounding counties. It is the highest airport in the United States, covers 55 square miles, and is also one of the world's  largest airports - with plenty of room to grow.  Someone described Denver Airport as 'being like an apparition of snowy white peaks floating over the empty plains' - referring to Jeppesen Terminal's roof. Denver Airport is also a haven for art lovers.  (Note, however, that the tent-like roof is being painted green and the Jeppesen Terminal is to be renamed 'Colorado Yurt Company Tents at Jeppeson Terminal' to reflect the new alliance).
Denver Airport is  the first U.S. airport to secure international Carbon accreditation.
Annual Skytrax 2015 rankings for Denver Airport:  Number 8 for world’s best airports over 50M passengers.  Among North American Airports it ranked number 3 for Best Airport; number 2 for Best Staff;  number 2 for Best Regional Airport. It also ranked number 5 for Best Domestic Airport and number 7 for World's Best Regional Airport. Skytrax World Awards named Denver Airport a 'Passener Favorite' in 2017. DIA ws also named 'Top Global Megahub' for connectivity.

You can contact the Airport toll-free within Colorado at 800-247-2336.

Denver Airport is located in the northeastern section of of Denver (which is also its operator) - reached directly from Pena Blvd., and from close-by Interstate Highways 70 east/west, E-470, and 25 north/south. Travel between Denver's Business Center and DIA takes an estimated 30 minutes.
- By Nov. 2016 available lanes were reduced and a speed limit of 25-35 mph at inbound section of Pena Blvd. enforced, which splits toward the west terminal entrance.

With six long runways and 58.3 million passengers in 2016, Denver International Airport is hub to Frontier, Great Lakes & United airlines, and is served by a host of airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. Recent arline offers include:
 - Aeromexico offers service to Monterrey (MEX) 
 - Volaris added two weekly year-round nonstop flights to Monterrey (MEX)
 - Southwest Airlines started seasonal Saturday service to Belize City.
 - PenAir offers 12 weekly flights to the Kansas destinations of Doge City & Liberal; to Nebraska's Kearney & North Platte, and Scottsbluff .
 - Great Lakes started 10 weekly services to/from Telluride (no Tuesdays)
 - Allegiant low-cost airline started service to Montrose (Colorado).
 - Air Canada launched flights to Vancouver 
 - Copa will offer 4 weekly nonstop service to Panama, C.A., starting Dec.11, 2017

On-Airport accommodations:
  - The new on-Airport Westin Hotel & Conference Center
with a two-winged roof has14-levels and 519 rooms, and includes a huge conference center and meeting rooms. The top level has a swimming pool & fitness studio.   Westin Hotel earned from ACI the 'LEED Platinum Status among U.S. Hotels' in March 2017. 
  - Passengers with long layovers may consider using the free new tents provided by the Colorado Yurt Company, located at each of the three Concourses which include 36 yurts and tipis of varius models - containing sleeping bags, lanterns, public WiFi and USB charging stations. (Passengers may  reserve for up to 4 hours at a time on a first-come basis.)
Denver Airport has one main passenger terminal - the Jeppesen Terminal - divided by East & West terminals.  NOTE:  In partnership with the 'Colorado Yurt Company' the 'tented' white roof will be painted green, and renaming it 'Colorado Yurt Company Tents at Jeppeson Terminal' - reflecting the new partnership.  (For terminal details open 'Terminal Map' and scroll down to the deailed text; for Parking facilities and fees open 'Parking Map'; for Transportation open 'Transport'/ 'Buses, Trains'.)

Current Airline location, gates, baggage claim terminals (BC), curb-side check-in (CSC) & contacts.
Aeromexico, at West, A gates; BC: North, International Arrivals; No CSC; tel. (800) 237-6639
Air Canada, at West; A gates; BC: West; No CSC; tel. 800) 252-7522
Alaska, at West, C gates; BC: West; No CSC; tel. 800-252-7522
Allegiant, at West, C gates; BC: West; no CSC; tel. 702-505-8888
American, at West, A gates; BC: West; CSC; tel. (800) 433-7300
Boutique Air, at East; A gates; BC: East; No CSC; tel. (855) 268-8478
British Airways, at West, A gates; BC: North, International Arrivals; No CSC; tel. (800) AIRWAYS
Delta Air Lines (with curbside check-in): at East, A gates; BC: East; CSC; tel. (800) 221-1212
Denver Air Connection, at West, A gates; no BC; no CSC;  tel. (855) 235-9322
Frontier Airlines, at East; A gates;  BC: East; CSC; tel. (801) 401-9000
Great Lakes Airlines, at East; A gates; BC: East; no CSC; tel. (800) 554-5111
Icelandair, at West, A gates; BC: North, Int'l Arrivals; no CSC; Tel. (800) 223-5500
JetBlue Airways, at East, A gates; BC: East; no CSC; tel. (800) 538-2583
Lufthansa, at West, A gates; BC: North, Int'l  Arrivals; no CSC; tel. (800) 645-3880
Norwegian, at West, A gates; BD: North, Int'l Arrivals; no CSC; te. 800-357-4159
Southwest Airlines, at East; C gates; BC: East; CSC; tel. (800) 435-9792
Spirit Airlines, at East, A gates; BC: East; no CSC; tel. (801) 401-2222
Sun Country Airlines, at West; A gates; BC: West; no CSC; tel. (800) 359-6786
United Airlines, at West; B gates; BC: West; CSC; tel. (800) 864-8331
Virgin America, at East, A gates; BC: East; no CSC; tel. (877) 359-8474
ViaAir, at East, A gates; BC: East; no CSC; tel. (407-641-4108
Volaris, at West, A gates; BC: North, Int'l Arrivals; no CSC; tel. (866) 988-3527  

Present and future Airport developments:  By 2018, 17 new shops and restaurants will be added.
  - Ongoing first phase of construction involves baggage carousels 7 and 8 at the terminal's east side. Construction work is to modify the current baggage handling system with a new baggage platform between levels 5 & 6:  The construction area will be blocked off. While construction will cause partial closure of individual baggage carousels during this time - digital display boards will direct passengers to the proper baggage pickup area. The project will be completed by late 2019. 
  - The Great Hall project on levels 5 & 6 has been approved August 2017, which includes upgrades to security, increase of capacity, improve passenger flow and 'return the terminal to a passenger oasis'. TSA Security checkpoints will be moved from level 5 to level 6.  There will be 34 automated screening lanes with the latest technology, able to serve 8,500 passengers per hour.  The current three  checkpoints will be consolidated into two and offer increaed queuing space and technology. (No starting date on the Great Hall project is yet available.)
8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, CO 80249
Phone: (303) 342 2000 / 800-247-2336