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Denver Airport top 4 Traveling Tips

          1. DEN airport peak hours are between 5am & 11am and between 7pm & 9pm. Usually, peak travel days are Thursdays & Fridays. Be prepared for the rush!

          2. During peak hours, you should drop-off your passenger at Level 6 curbside of the terminal, whereas Level 4 should be used for pick-ups. If you are using a ride-hailing app like Uber and Lyft, you should use Level 5 for drop-offs and pick-ups.

          3. TSA security wait times at DEN can be slow during peak times. To avoid delays and risk of missing your flight, make sure to arrive at the airport two hours prior to your domestic flight. If you have an international flight at DEN, you should arrive at the airport three hours before your flight time.

          4. Before heading to the airport, it’s recommended to take a quick look at the Denver Airport map to get oriented to the terminals and gates that you will be using.

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          Flight Status

          • For arriving flights, take a look at DEN Arriving Flight Status page which shows DEN arrival times, delays, time-to-land and gate info.
          • For departing flights, see our DEN Departing Flight Status page to check actual and scheduled departure times, flight delays, map tracking and DIA airport gate info.
          • You can also book a flight at DEN directly and check the best fares and offers at the airport.

          Airport Terminals

          Denver International Airport has one main terminal and three concourses.

          The main terminal (map) called Jeppesen Terminal, is divided into two sides: east and west. Each side has its own check-in desks, baggage claim, road access, ground transportation services and other facilities. Jeppesen has six floors that are connected by elevators and escalators.

          There are six levels of DEN. First four levels are mostly allocated for parking facilities. Level 5 has some shops and restaurants, baggage claim, and the south and north security checkpoints.

          Level 1-3: Mostly parking garages and economy lots on both sides of the terminal.

          Level 4: Pickups, parking garages

          Level 5: Uber, Lyft arrivals and drop-offs, baggage claim, north and south security checkpoints, access to DEN plaza

          Level 6: Passenger drop-offs, check-in facilities, food court, access to pedestrian bridge to Concourse A.

          The airport's three councourses are A, B and C.

          Concourse A: This concourse has 51 gates. Most of the international arrivals and departures are processed on this concourse. Concourse A is accessible through a pedestrian bridge from the terminal building. You can also use DEN’s Automatic Guideway Transit System (AGTS) to access this concourse. Main airlines operating at this concourse are American Airlines, Delta and Frontier.

          Concourse B: There are 70 gates on Concourse B. The main airline operating on Concourse B is United Airlines. You can only access this concourse via AGTS from Jeppesen Terminal or Concourse A.

          Concourse C: This concourse has 29 gates. The primary occupant of Concourse C is Southwest. Like Concourse B, this concourse is also accessible only via AGTS.

          Airlines Served

          • DEN airport serves over 20 airlines, including American Airlines, Air Canada, Copa, Delta, Frontier Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue and Lufthansa.
          • The airport is a major hub of United Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Operations of these three airlines account for over 85% of the total passenger traffic at the airport, as of Nov 2022. View the full list of airlines served at DEN Airport.

          Airport Parking

          There are numerous parking options (details) available at the Denver airport. These options include:

          Garage Parking

          Parking garages are available at both East and West side of the terminal. Cost of a parking garage at DEN is $5 per hour, and $28 a day.

          Economy Lots

          Parking lots under the economy category cost $5 per hour and $17 for full day.


          This is the most economical choice, with rates as low as $2 an hour and $8 a day. You can access the shuttle service from this parking lot after every 10 minutes.

          Valet Parking

          DEN also provides valet parking service, costing $4 per hour and $35 per day.

          Short-Term Parking

          DEN offers short-term parking options, starting at $144/day or $6 per hour.

          Cell Phone Lot

          If you have to wait at the airport, this is the ideal place to park your car. The Cell Phone parking space has free Wifi, restaurants, public restrooms and flight information screens. The Cell-Phone parking area remains open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          It’s very convenient to know the availability of parking spaces at Denver airport beforehand. You can open the airport website, go to the Parking section and see real-time updates about the parking spaces throughout the airport.

          You can also call the parking hotline of DEN at (303) 342-7275.

          Ground Transportation

          After arriving at the DIA airport, there are several ground transport options available to reach your destination.

          A Line Train

          The A Line commuter train at DEN airport is operated by Regional Transportation District (RTD). You can reach Denver downtown using this train from the airport in about 37 minutes. During peak times, the train runs after every 15 minutes and every 30 minutes from 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. The train fare is $10.50.


          You can use the RTD bus service for $10.50 (full-day pass) to reach your destination in Denver from the DEN airport. The bus routes include AA, AB, AT, 145X and 169L. You can find the bus station at DEN Transit Center, Level 1, adjacent to the Westin Denver International Airport. You can reach the station through the south end of Jeppesen Terminal by exiting through the glass doors and taking the escalator or elevator down to ground level. If you plan to go outside of Denver, you can use the Bustang bus service available at the airport.

          Commuter Shuttle

          DEN also provides shared-ride service also known as commuter shuttles. You can access this service at the Jeppesen Terminal Level 5, island 5, outside doors 505-507 (east side) and 510-512 (west side). Free shuttles pick-up passengers from different parking lots (excluding garages) after every 10 minutes.

          Ride-Hailing Services

          You can use app-based transport services like Uber and Lyft. Use level 5 to call your ride.


          Various taxi and cab companies operate at the DEN airport. You case use a taxi to reach your destination in Denver or any of the surrounding counties. Taxi services at DEN charge a flat rate of $56 to go from the airport to downtown Denver.

          Car Rental

          There are over 10 car rental services available at DEN. These services also provide courtesy shuttle services if you plan to use their services to reach your destination.

          Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

          • If you are going to DEN to pick up a passenger, ask them to come to Level 4 of the Jeppesen Terminal. You cannot park and wait at the curbside. Therefore, if your passenger has not yet arrived, you can use the Cell Phone parking section for free or use a parking garage for $5 per hour.
          • For departures, go to Level 6, where you can also find curbside baggage check-in and airline ticketing. DEN airport staff, often known as “DEN Ambassadors,” wear blue vests and badges which are easily identifiable. If you need any help, you should approach the airport staff or contact help desks.

          Amenities & Services

          Denver International Airport has many options if you want to eat, shop, relax or spend time in leisure activities. You can find McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King and many others places to eat at the airport. This airport features:

          • Shopping stores, restaurants, coffee shops and bars
          • Massage centers
          • Free Wi-Fi
          • Shoeshine and shoe repair shops
          • Sky club
          • Art centers
          • Sleep stations

          Airport Overview

          Denver International Airport is the largest airport in North America in terms of land area. The airport is commonly referred to as DEN Airport or DIA. The airport, which is also the second biggest in the world by land, primarily serves the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado, and greater Front Range Urban Corridor. Denver airport is located on the western edge of the Great Plains, 25 miles from downtown Denver.

          As one of the top five busiest airports in the U.S., the Denver International Airport provides international flights to several popular destinations around the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. DEN serves about 28 international destinations in 14 countries. The airport offers nonstop flights to over 200 destinations, 180 of which are in the U.S.. Denver Airport processed over 70 million passengers in 2022.

          Airport Stats & Facts

          • DEN has the longest public use runway in North America.
          • With over 35,000 employees, DEN is one of the largest employers in Colorado.
          • The land occupied by the airport is over one and a half times the size of Manhattan.
          • DEN is the 20th busiest airport in the world, as of 2018.
          • Denver International Airport generates over $33.5 billion for the Colorado region annually.
          • DIA airport expects to reach 80 million passengers by 2025 and 110 million passengers by 2040.
          • The airport started the Great Hall Project in 2018 to renovate its main terminal to accommodate more passengers and add facilities.

          Contact Information

          The Denver International Airport is owned and operated by the City & County of Denver Department of Aviation.

          Address: Denver International Airport, 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249-6340



          Phone: (303) 342-2000 or (800) 247-2336.

          Have you lost an item at the airport? Lost & found.

          Denver Airport: A Brief History

          • Denver Airport started its operations on February 28, 1995.
          • The first flight to depart the DEN airport was United Airlines Flight 1062 to Kansas City International Airport. United Flight 1474 from Colorado Springs Airport was the first to arrive at the airport.
          • The airport project was 16 months behind schedule and had a total cost of $4.8 billion.
          • A blizzard in March 2003 damaged DEN’s white fabric roof, resulting in flight disruptions. Thousands of passengers remained stranded at the airport for two days because of heavy snows and road closures.
          • Another blizzard in 2006 caused stranding of thousands of passengers at Denver airport and disruption of operations for 45 hours. As a result, the authorities invested heavily in snow removal systems, drastically improving the airport’s efficiency during blizzards and harsh weather.
          • In 2019, Denver’s Mayor fired the original contractor of the Great Hall development project after several delays and inflated costs. The airport is still conducting an investigation into the possible causes of the failed project.

          Traveler Help

          Questions about DEN? Find answers here.
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          Newest Questions

          Where can I wait to pick up passengers?

          Asked by Stewart Stothoff - Fri, 21 October

          It would be best to wait in the cell phone parking lot at 7680 N. Wenatchee St., Denver, CO 80249 until your passenger lets you know they are ready to be picked up. 

          Where is the COVID-19 Testing Center in the airport?

          Asked by Lisa - Tue, 11 October

          As long as you have a boarding pass you can go to the XpresCheck at the center of Concourse B, post-security for COVID-19 testing. 

          Where is the new Southwest ticket counter located?

          Asked by George - Tue, 27 September

          The Southwest Check-In is located in the Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6. 

          Is United Airlines on Terminal East or West?

          Asked by Jeffrey R Steel - Sat, 24 September

          United Airlines is located in the West Terminal. 

          Where is the best place to meet someone if I am flying American and they are Flying United?

          Asked by Linda C Peek - Sat, 17 September

          The American Airlines Check-In and United Airlines Check-In Desks are very close to each other so it will be easy to meet someone between the two in the Jeppesen Terminal. 

          What gates do flights with Skywest use?

          Asked by Janet Cassidy - Thu, 8 September

          We didn't find Skywest Airlines at this airport. 

          What time do I need to be at the airport for a 6:19 AM flight?

          Asked by Kimberly Lansing - Thu, 1 September

          The typical recommendation is to arrive 1.5 hours before a domestic and 2 hours before an international flight. 

          Where is the COVID testing in the great hall located on a terminal map?

          Asked by Barbara - Tue, 23 August

          There are two COVID testing stations at this airport. The one located here is for any visitors to the DEN airport. The one located here is only for passengers who have tickets at the DEN airport. 

          Where's TSA ?

          Asked by Lisa - Sat, 20 August

          There are 3 TSA Security checkpoints at this airport. One on Level 5 North, a second one on Level 5 South, and a third one located at Bridge Security Checkpoint on Level 6.

          Which Concourse is JetBlue in?

          Asked by Alison - Mon, 8 August

          JetBlue uses Terminal Gates A. 

          Where are the pet relief stations in Concourse B?

          Asked by [email protected] - Sun, 26 June

          There are two pet relief stations at Concourse B. One is near the center core and the other is near Gate B16. 

          What Terminal is Southern Airways Express?

          Asked by Ann - Mon, 23 May

          Southern Airways Express is located in the East Terminal, Gate A. 

          Where is baggage storage at DEN and what is the price per day? What is the size limit?

          Asked by William Conard - Mon, 16 May

          We didn't find baggage storage at this airport. 

          Is 1 hour enough to connect from a domestic to an international flight?

          Asked by Maria Nieves Zedeño - Tue, 10 May

          It's best to contact your airline(s) with this question. However, please note that you'll likely have to go through security again, then customs, so an hour might be cutting it close. 

          How do I report an item I forgot to pick up from baggage claim?

          Asked by Linda Plick - Fri, 1 April

          If it was luggage you forgot, please contact your airline directly. If it was an item that you lost at baggage claim, but not luggage, please call (303) 342-4062 or (800) AIR-2DEN.

          What is the location to enroll in Clear?

          Asked by Larry L Blote - Fri, 18 March

          You can roll in in the North CLEAR lane from 4:30am - 8:30pm and in the South CLEAR lane from 4:30am - 9:00pm. Follow signs for CLEAR at security. 

          I have a two day stay in Denver and then I’m off to Roatan on United Airlines for ten days. All I need is my carry on for Denver. Is there a place to store my check in bag at the airport?

          Asked by Tom Saul - Sun, 13 March

          We could not confirm any luggage storage options at this airport. 

          Are concourse A and concourse C on the same floor?

          Asked by Susan Porgans - Sat, 5 March

          Yes, and you can take the airport train to get from Concourse A to Concourse C. 

          Is there a Cellphone Lot?

          Asked by Anie - Fri, 25 February

          Yes, there is a Cellphone Parking Lot and it remains open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. It is located at E 77th Ave, Denver, CO 80249.

          Who can use the business center?

          Asked by warren bell - Mon, 21 February

          The Business Center can be used by all travelers and it offers Internet, phone, and fax machine access to them. 


          I lost my keys possibly at Clear TSA. How do I recover them?

          Asked by Sarah - Wed, 16 February

          Lost and Found Located in Jeppesen terminal is where the items found at the security checkpoints or in public areas of the airport are taken. You can file a claim for a lost item online at no charge. 

          Where do I pick up passengers that arrive on United Airlines?

          Asked by Dan Naus - Sat, 12 February

          Ask the passengers to come to Level 4 of the Jeppesen Terminal if you are going to  pick up a passenger. You can visit Denver Airport (DEN) passenger pickup and drop off-page for detailed information. 

          Do you have any restaurants outside security?

          Asked by Cindi - Thu, 10 February

          Yes, there are a few restaurants before you go through security, including the Cantina Grill,  Boulder Beer Tap House, Subway, Red Rocks Bar & BBQ, and Rocky Mountain Café.

          Is there a location for rapid Covid-19 testing within Terminal B?

          Asked by Edward - Mon, 7 February

          Yes, you can get a test using XpresCheck in Concourse B (after security). Hours are daily from 8AM. to 6PM, more information can be found at the xpressCheck website.

          Is flight #906 on Spirit Airlines on schedule?

          Asked by Kevin - Sun, 6 February

          You can visit our Spirit Airlines page to get real time updates for your flight. 

          I’m heading to Cody wyoming, united airlines, landing in Denver. How long will it take me to get to connecting gate to Cody, Wyoming. Trying to determine if I will have enough time to my flight in Cody?

          Asked by Cathy - Thu, 27 January

          It's an 8 hour drive to Cody from Denver. If you are speaking about a connecting flight, we recommend contacting your airline directly regarding connecting times. 

          Is there luggage storage that can fit skis at DIA?

          Asked by CJ - Tue, 25 January

          There are no options to store luggage/skis. There may be some offsite services you can check, but the airport will not be an option. 

          Where is Southwest Airlines Baggage claim ? Where do we pick up people? After they get their luggage?

          Asked by Deb - Sat, 22 January

          Yes, after your passenger(s) collect their luggage at baggage claim, you can pick them up in the Arrivals area of the Jeppesen Terminal. Southwest Airlines uses Carousels 5-9, Terminal East. When you approach the airport look for signage for Arrivals (East) and proceed to the pickup area. 

          Is there a printing service past security checks at International terminal? I need to have a physical paper result from covid testing and I may only receive email.

          Asked by Danka - Tue, 18 January

          The Qwest Business Center is located in Terminal B, on the mezzanine level. 

          Where do I wait (in my vehicle) to pick up a passenger arriving via American Airlines (domestic flight)? Is there a "Cell Phone Waiting Parking Lot" where my passenger can call me upon arrival and can I just drive to her location and pick her up without having to enter the terminal nor pay for parking?

          Asked by Catherine - Wed, 12 January

          This airport has a free cell-phone waiting lot. It is about 3 miles from the Jeppesen Terminal. The address is 7680 N. Wenatchee St., Denver, CO 80249 this comes up accurately in both Google and Apple maps. If your passenger calls/texts once they get their luggage, it will take you about 5 minutes to get to them from the cell phone lot. 

          How long does it take to get to each concourse from the Jeppesen terminal?

          Asked by Avion - Sat, 8 January

          Once you get to the AGTS, it's just a few minutes ride between concourses. The Automatic Guideway Transit System (AGTS) operates in a straight line between Jeppesen Terminal and Concourse C. It makes stops at Concourses A and B. So it goes Jeppesen > A > B > C and return. 

          I'm a new mom and will be arriving at C32 tomorrow with a connection at C43. I was wondering if there are any breastfeeding areas or the closest places I could pump?

          Asked by Kaysie - Fri, 7 January

          Yes, this airport has private spaces nursing children/pump. There are three nursing rooms. Each are located after security in the middle of each Concourse.

          Are there pet relief stations in Concourse B?

          Asked by Sonnie - Mon, 29 November

          Yes, there is one after security and near the US Mail Drop. 

          I need directions to the A line train after I arrive in terminal.

          Asked by leila gibson - Sun, 28 November

          From the Jeppesen Terminal, you only need to walk a short distance to an escalator, elevator or stairs that leads directly to the airport station. It is a short walk - just follow signs. 

          Where is gate 8 on Concourse A?

          Asked by Marilyn - Tue, 16 November

          There is no A8. The lowest A Gate is 24 on that Concourse. 

          I will be arriving from Tulsa, OK on a United flight. I then will have to collect my bags and get to whatever terminal Iceland Air is located in to recheck in, drop off bags and re-enter security as I booked these flights separately. I have 4 hours to do this. How do I get between these terminals outside of security? Can I walk it? Or is there an outside connecting train or bus? Thanks for your help.

          Asked by Jeanne - Mon, 15 November

          To get to the main terminal/baggage claim/ticket counters from the concourse that you arrive on, take the train that runs between the concourses. Once you retrieve you baggage and recheck it at your next airline's ticket counter, you can proceed back through security and out to your departing gate. 

          On which concourse is the duty-free store?

          Asked by Millie Thomson - Sat, 13 November

          There are 3 duty-free shops.  A gates (Center Core), B Gates (Mezzanine Center Core), and B gates, near Gate B31. Please check at the airport for opening times as these may vary. 

          How do I get to B Gates?

          Asked by John - Tue, 21 September

          We assume you mean from the ticketing area. Once you clear security, go down the escalator and take the train. It is one stop to the B gates - very easy!

          How long does it take to get from gate B90 to gate A7?

          Asked by Frank - Mon, 20 September

          Check out the Gate Connection Widget on the Denver Airport Page (scroll down on mobile or on desktop/laptop it is on left side of screen. You can put in any two Terminals for directions. From experience, walking and using the train it will take 10-12 minutes approx.

          Is there a single baggage claim area?

          Asked by Kip - Mon, 20 September

          Yes, there's one general Baggage Claim. It is located on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal, in Terminal East or Terminal West, depending on your airline. Arriving passengers from Concourses A, B or C take the train to the terminal/baggage claim area. 

          Denver Airport Q&A

          Yes. The airport’s official name is Denver International Airport, but it is commonly known as DEN or DIA airport.
          The airport is 25 miles driving distance from downtown Denver.
          The airport is the main hub of United Airlines, Frontier Airlines. Southwest Airlines also has a major presence.
          Yes. There are plenty of places to sleep in Denver Airport. You can use chairs and benches before or after the security sections. Specifically, there are many benches to sleep near Gates A56-70 of Concourse A. On the third floor, there are many benches and full flat twin bed style mini beds to sleep. Check out some great DEN layover ideas that we recommend.
          In terms of cost, January is typically the cheapest month to fly into the Denver Airport.
          DEN offers several non-stop destinations. Check out our direct flights page to see where you can go!
          DEN is the largest airport serving the Denver area. But there are five other airports serving the Denver metropolitan area: Colorado Springs Airport, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC), Front Range Airport (KCFO), Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU) and Erie Municipal Airport (KEIK)