Denver Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lot (tel. 303-342-2000) with 253 spaces, located at 7684 N. Wenatchee Street (3 miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal) - accesible via eastbound Pena Blvd. to 7th Avenue & northhbound Gun Club Road. Follow new signs. This new lot offers 4 fast-food stores, free WiFi service, special children's seating area, lounge seating, indoor restrooms, flight display boards and an adjacent Conoco station.

NEW:  Real-time shuttle information is now available at the parking lots.
- Hybrid vehicle charging stations: 5 at East Garage, level 1, rows E & F;  5 at West Garage, level 1, rows E & F, and 10 on level 2.
- Hybrid vehicle parking at Pikes Peak Schuttle Lot  with 32 spaces, at D1, D4, J1, J4, O1, O4, S1 S4
- Hybrid vehicle parking at Garages & Economy lots with 27 spaces, at East Garage, level 1, rows E & F; West Garage, level 1, rows E & F; East Economy, section 2, row D; West Economy, Section 1, row D.
- The West Economy parking lot shuttle now offers pickup /dropoff services at the Transit Center's level 1, while the East Economy parking lot shuttle moved in summer to the Transit Center.
- Pikes Peak parking lot shuttles continue operations on level 5 of both east & west side of the terminal.

Other parking options & Fees at Denver Airport: Note that Reserved Parking is now available (tel. 866-330-7275).  Accessible parking is in all parking faclities, other than at level 3 of the garage - available nearest the terminal at east & west garages' levels 1 - 5. In the economy lots east & west - at Pikes Peak & Mt. Elbert Shuttle lots - lift-equipped shuttles are wheelchair-accessible ( for further info, call 303-342-4645).  The passenger terminal's top level 6 is for short--term parking
    5-level Garages West & East
  adjacent to Jeppeson Terminal at its west  & east sides: West has 4 separate modules while East has five - both have covered parking; with uncovered parking at atrium and on level 5 (rooftop).  New: 261 parking spaces at north end of East Garage.
Fees:  both charge $3/hr, up to daily max $24.
   New 4-level Garage at the southeast corner of the Jeppesen Terminal opened in October 2016 with 1,821 spaces and access to 6 new and free electric vehicle charging sttions on level 1.
Fees:  Each hour $3; up to daily max $24.  For reserved parking open
    Valet Parking West & East are both on arrivals level 4, Garage West, tel. 303-342-4166, Garage East, tel. 303-342-4165);
Fees:  both charge $12 first hour; each add'l hr $3, up to daily max $33.
    Short-Term West & East covered parking (arrivals level 4): next to the terminal - ideal for pickup/dropoff; no overnight parking.
Fees:  both charge $4/hr, $96/day
     Economy Lots West & East  on Pena Blvd - located just beyond garage parking on east/west sides of Jeppesen Terminal, respectively and served by shutle bus every 5-7 mins - or a walk (10-12 mins.).
Fees:  both Economy lots charge $3/hr up to daily max $13.
    Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot at 24300 E 75th Av, Denver 80249  -most economical lot & closest shuttle lot to Jeppesen Terminal (3 miles).  Free shuttles run every 12 mins, 24/7, and drop off on Level 6 of  Jeppeson Terminal - allow for 30 mins transfer time.
Fees: $2/hr up to daily max $8.
    Mt. Elbert Shuttle Lot  - currently closed -at 6975 Valleyhead St., Denver 80249  is now the overflow lot (when Pikes Peak is full) with 8,500 spaces and free shuttle services every 12 mins.
Fees: $2/hr, up to daily max $8.
   61st and Pena Parking Lot  at 6195 N.Panasonic Way, accessible via 61st Av. & Tower Road (on-Airort property) offers dommuters to take the RTD commuter rail train to the airport or to downtown Denver. The lot has 8 credit card pay stations, and there is to more free services.  Tel. 303-342-4650.  11 free electric vehicle charging stations.
Fees:  $2 per 12-hr period; $4 daily for overnight parking; monthly $36.

Payment options for all parking facilities:  Cash, check, AmEx, Discover, & MasterCard.

The Conoco Gas & Convenience Center i
s on 7680 Pena Blvd - at North side, and offers car service, & Wendy's fast-food.

For more parking information call 303-3342-7275.

Denver ( DEN ) Airport Parking Map

Denver DEN airport parking map

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