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Business Services at Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport

The following Business services are available at IAH: (TD = Terminal D)

Airline /Airport Lounges:
British Airways Lounge at TD, near gates D1-6;   KLM Crown Lounge at TC, near gates D7-8;  Executive Lounge (Qatar, Emates,, Lufthansa) at TD, near gtes D1-6;  United Club at TA North (near gate A9.
Charging Stations.
Samsung Charging Station: at TA North just beyond security, near gates 8-15; at TA South near gates  A17-24 & A25-30;  at TB near gates B62 & B66; B76-83, B84-91;  at TC North near gates C14-23, 24-27,  at TC South near 29-33 & 34-42;  at TD near gates D7-8 & 9-12;  At TE near gates E1, E10-11, E12-14, E2, 3, 8 9..
Rapid Charge: at TA South, near gates A1-2 & A25-30; at TA North near gates 8-15; at TB near gates B60-67, B76-83, B84-91; at TC South near gates C29-33, 34-42,43-45, at TC North near gates C14-23 & 24-27;  at TD at gates D1-6, 7-8, 9-12;  at TD at right of security checkpoint.
Massage Chairs:
TA Ticketing Lobby; TA South near gates A26-27; TA North in Food Court;  TB near gates B 60-67, B68-75, B76-83 & B84-9;  at TC North near gates C14-23
TA at Ticketing Lobby; and at South near gates A17-25 & A25-30; and North near gates A8-15.  At TD near gates D7/8, D9-12
TB near gates B 60-67, B68-75B76-83, B84-91
TC North near gates 24-27; TC South near gates 29-33,  34-42, 43-45.
ShoeShine Stands:  at TB near gates B76-83; at TC North near gates C14-23; at TC South near gates 43-45; at TE near gates E10, 11.

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