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Will Skycaps assist with getting luggage from one terminal to another. Traveling with female friends to Europe. How do we negotiate luggage and get from terminal to terminal?
When will passenger service arrival to ODS ... begin again??
Coronavirus: How will airlines get flying again?

I have been told when you park for several days, a coupon is available to provide a discount to long stays.
Trying to find a email address for lost and found at BKK international airport
I'm trying to get a flight to get home , but my only way through Miami, then to St Vincent but I can't seem to get a flight. And the person I'm by need me out of her house
Where can I find the currency exchange in the airport. Do they have a phone number I can call
is there a ML Hulier or Cebuana money transfer facility at Nony airport?
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If we cross the Shenzhen border after the landing in HK(or take a ferry to Guanzhou) can it be done without a quarantine, as we will have to have one more quarantine in China anyway?
Or the quarantine can be avoided only if we have flight from HK to China without leaving the airport?
I lost my iPhone on flight # EK569 from BLR to Dubai. Can someone please let me know if it is deposited in the lost and found.