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working til 1845, flight at 2000 on 11/16. How likely am I to make it without an issue with 25 min drive to ORF
how much are baggage cart fees at cak
Wondering if you can get a meal at the airport
You need to update the website.....your parking fees are not accurate.

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If my son arrives after 12 midnight at terminal B at EWR, will customs be open or not until 5 AM?
No issue, they don't close until all internationals have been processed.
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Flight is at 6:45pm Wednesday. No luggage to check in, priority security line.

What’s the latest I can arrive? Flying United out of D11
what airport?
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I arrive from Chicago by United, my friend is arriving by American from Dallas, gates are not known yet. We need to set a meeting place. Any suggestions.