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If arriving at Logan by bus, where do I go to meet someone in (Terminal A?) at Door 202 for van ride to our hotel?
Please let me know if there are any charges for using the luggage cart at the XNA airport. If so, how much is it charged? Should I need a change in $5 or I can use $20 bill to take a cart out. In addition, can people who come to pick me up can reach the baggage claim? Thanks,
XNA is a very small airport. I don't see the point of a cart, even if they are available. Yes, if someone picks you up they can park in short term parking, meet you at the baggage claim, and then help you take the bags to your car.
Bagi yg menemukan tolong hubungi saya
I have checked in online and have 1 checked bag. Is there a designated place to drop off bags that have been checked in online?
What airport? What airline?
My son is flying out of terminal 2. How far in airport can I go with him?
If he is a minor you can get a pass to go to the gate. If he is over 18 you can only go to the entrance to security.
Is the postal service open and staffed today?
it's a Sunday, so no, it isn't.
Is a connection between Alaska Air flight # 68 arrival at 12:53 PM and Delta Air flight #2424 at 2:10 PM OK? Should such a connection bge booked?
Is this connection in Seattle? Do you have checked bags?
Which gate do arrivals come thru for customs? Is there a gate at each terminal?
P.S. question is about San Diego airport
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My name is Alberto Amorim
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