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I am flying to Dulles from LHR and then onto Syracuse. I have 1hr and 15mins to clear customs and immigration. Is this enough time?
flying rio to houston and houston to ny. where do you go through customs and do you have to pick up baggage and recheck? both flights are on united with one and one half to two hours layover. same terminal different gate. thanks
are the prices posted include taxes?
All airlines and travel websites are required to include obligatory taxes in their fare quotes.
Last december 13th the police found my i-phone I forgot in the restroom near Puerta 3 in the departures. I tried to call them dialling from the USA +54-11-4480-2327 to know what can I do to have il back, but I had no answer.
Could you please confirm;
- is the phone number correct?
-Is there a mail or email contact for Lost and Found?
Thank you,
Sandro Corso
Sorry, this is not any airport or airline's website and you didn't even post what airport you are talking about.
... hi, im lookonf for a currency exchange kiosk. we habe a long layover. is there a phone # o can call to inquire about current exchange rates at SEA Airport? thanks B.C.
How do you connect to the internet at the airport when using a tablet?
What airport?
I figured it out...thanks!
I left my IPad Pro today in SAS flight from Helsinki to CPH SK1709. My seat was 18c. How can I get it back?
Contact SAS. This is
Yes, I know, thank you😀
Hi. My father forgot his staff at the Chicago airport in 2008. Does airport still keep it, and can we get it? If not, what happens to those things? Thank you
He lost it 9 years ago? It has either been thrown out or donated by now.
I was thinking the same... The thing is that it was his 3 pictures, he is an artist. Our family is very upset ... Thank you for your comment
I have lost my camera this morning into the airport. Please write my,you will be award
This is not any airline or airport's website and you didn't even post where this happened.
Dear Jakarta Airport,

Yesterda between 18:30 and 20:30 I lost my phone near gate 7 at your airport. It was a black IPhone 7 with a broken screen, (like a spiderweb).
Can you please let me know if you found this phone? Both email adresses will reach me, thank you so much.
This is not the Jakarta Airport's website.