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Hi, we forgot 2 umbrellas during the security check.
Is there a chnce to get them back? They are walking stick umbrellas, one blus/black, one red/black.
It happened Nov 5th 2019.
Thanks a lot
Best regards, Katrin Martinen, Hamburg, Germany
Dear Oslo Aiport I forgot my silver Mac Book Air at Oslo security check today 27/11/19 how can I claim it I live in london
Is there a discount for Veterans using the airport parking for 7 days?
What airport?
My son will be arriving from Boston on Aer Lingus and I will be flying from London on British Airways. It looks like we’ll be arriving at terminals 2 and 1. Where should we plan to meet? Thank you!
working til 1845, flight at 2000 on 11/16. How likely am I to make it without an issue with 25 min drive to ORF
how much are baggage cart fees at cak
Wondering if you can get a meal at the airport
You need to update the website.....your parking fees are not accurate.
If my son arrives after 12 midnight at terminal B at EWR, will customs be open or not until 5 AM?
No issue, they don't close until all internationals have been processed.
Flight is at 6:45pm Wednesday. No luggage to check in, priority security line.

What’s the latest I can arrive? Flying United out of D11
what airport?