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At any time of the year, you can visit Moc Chau plateau just 200km away from Hanoi, where the cows are grazing grass for fresh milk and impression visitors by the beautiful tea hills. The lush green tea hills were planted in rows and paths, covered all the hills, seemingly endless stretches, beautiful as the miraculous work of creativity. Come here, you will be immersed in the green space and fragrant of tea.

Each morning, the fresh air and spring tea leaves covered by night dew, glittering in the morning sunlight. As the sun set, the mist spreads over the valleys, our soul becomes relax as take a sip of hot tea and lose yourself into a quiet space, tranquility will be unforgettable moments. In December, the flower of tea blossomed, the white on the green tea leaves attract the honey bee...

Taiwan heart shaped tea hill

Located only about 15 km from Moc Chau town is Taiwan's heart shaped tea hill - the most beautiful one in Moc Chau. Its name was born since a local joint-venture farm with Taiwanese enterprises.

From the center of Moc Chau town, tourists can go Phan Dinh Phung street and then go along the National Highway No 43, keep ahead until you reach the provincial road DT104 about 9km and turn right, go about 800m more to come.

Then, the view of heart shaped tea hill is into your eyes: a very romantic heart made of tea beds, it is beautiful for young people to checkout live virtual. There are also attract a lot of couples to take wedding photos with the heart shaped tea hill.

Tan Lap Tea Hill No 1 and 2

They are about 22km from the center of Moc Chau Town, on the provincial road DT104, owned by private enterprises, the owner is Mr. Suong, he also has a heart-shaped tea farm he made as a gift to his beloved wife. These are two of the most beautiful huts in Moc Chau that you should come to discover.

Come here, visitor will breath the fresh fragrant tea leaves on the vast tea hills. Especially after the Lunar New Year, you also have the opportunity to contemplate the "white plum blossom" on all the roads, or in October, the flowers of yellow and white cabbage bursting brilliantly blooming spoiled for photography and sightseeing.

Tan Lap tea hill No 3

It is only 1 km from the hill No 1 and 2km from the hill No 2, and is known as the mysterious tea hills in Moc Chau, because it is located in most remote area. In order to entire view the scenery, you have to go further to find the way across the Yen Thon, then meet a road leading to the top of the hill, you will see at the right is a tiny tea heart shaped. From the top of the hill, beautiful scenery will make you forget the tired to enjoy the beautiful scenery into your eyes of endless green tea bowl like you are immersed in a fairy land.

S-shaped tea hill

It is located on the way to the villages of Ngu Dong Ban On, about 20km from the center of Moc Chau town. This place is very close to Moc Chau tea company, almost opposite, famous for its beautiful scenery and is popular to many tourists, is considered Moc Chau's most beautiful tea hills wind like S letter shaped. This place is cover by the green color of green tea leaves, stretching from hill to the hill.

If you visit Moc Chau on the occasion of the winter, you can also impressed by yellow of marigold or Japanese sunflower blossom all the way on the plateau. Do not forget to buy local specialty tea of O Long, Shan Tuyet, Kim Tuyen to make a gift for your relatives. Here you can visit the grass farm, where the dairy cows produce wonderful milk branded Moc Chau. In addition you can also enjoy other specialties of Moc Chau such as fried calf, fried spring fish, boiled local vegetable, Bang stream snails, Moc Chau salmon, ...
Is the passenger pickup level the same as the Uber pickup level (terminal 1) ??
What airport?
Do I need to check in at the international terminal of the airport if I am flying to Mexico? Or just the regular delta terminal?
What airport? Are you flying nonstop to Mexico or making a connection first?
Is there a Gen. G. Harrison who works in items being returned work for yall
This is, not any airport's website.
I'm a tourist who would be travelling from Malaysia to New Orleans via London and Dallas. My tickets was issued by British Airways, with the connecting flight between Dallas and New Orleans by American Airlines.

I had registered my details with the British Airways and upon logging into the website, my full itinerary was complete : Msia-London-Dallas-New Orleans and return.

Unfortunately after changing my american airlines seat via the British airways website, my Dallas-New Orleans flight itinerary went missing from the British Airways website, though the flight booking is still visible in the American Airlines website. I believe this could be due to some computer glitch

I tried calling British Airways but they could not do anything as their system does not register my Dallas-New Orleans flight anymore, hence they could only tag my luggage and boarding pass till Dallas and advise me to seek help at the transfer desk at Dallas Airport for my connecting flight to new Orleans.

My question is upon re-claiming my luggage after immigration and going through custom check at Dallas, is there any transfer desk/counter managed by American Airlines within the security area (airside) which can help print my connecting boarding pass, re-tag and re-check in my luggage for my Dallas-New Orleans trip instead of going out to the landside check-in counter? My layover is just about 2 hour

When you clear US Customs in Dallas you will already be outside security. You have to go through security again anyway.
What are the limitation or abilities of CRJ 200 aircraft (flown by Delta and United) to land during snow fall at Minot International Airport? I have a flight scheduled for this Saturday and see that snow is in the forecast. Traditionally, how does snow impact the scheduled landings for Delta and United.
Unless it's an outright blizzard (which I don't think is what is predicted), it will be fine. Minot is obviously not a congested airport.
Where do you go through security?
Are you starting your trip in Atlanta? What airline are you flying?
I arrived at the PHL Airport this past Tuesday evening at approx. 10:00 pm, having flown in on
American Airlines directly from San Francisco....BUT ONLY "ONE" of my TWO black bags on the carousal were there ...?!?!? (BOTH had bright colored tags on w/ name, info and tele #)
The smaller of the TWO solid black bags did NOT arrive!?!? **** PLEASE help me ~ Thanks !
You need to contact American Airlines baggage service. This is, not any airline or airport's website.
I will be landing in Terminal 2B by United Airplies flight from Dallas and have to proceed to pick my next oman air flight at Terminal 4. How far is it from one another? Given that time is only 90 minutes, wanted to be sure.
What airport?
Where should Uber pick up at?