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Can I drop off my bags before I park at the airport?
I don't have a question, but I do have a comment. After reading some of the questions posted here I have a much better understanding of why it seems like everyone is test driving a new base model brain throughout the security and boarding processes. While horrified and saddened, I appreciate the clarity (I suppose).
Arriving Amsterdam from Toronto on Jet Airways 9W0233 connecting to Budapest on KLM 1973 with 55 minutes time between.Is this sufficient time? We requested assistance getting to KLM gate but won't know until arrival if we have it. What is the best way to get to connecting gate quickly? Do we have to go through security? Will we need a new boarding pass?

Thank you.
i forgot in napoli airpot on 20.8.18 take away paper bag with swetcher and shoose inside. i can't reach the lost and found in the airport on telephone. cam upi semd me the email of them please ?
Where is the ticket counter for United located in terminal 2
Is there a place to store luggage for a 5 hours for a fee?
Hello, we have a 10 hour layover in San Diego and would like to figure out a way to store our luggage so we can take a tour downtown.....thank you
Please contact my number(012 7530 0543) if you found my credit card with my mame on it. (Jang sul ah / woori card)
I lost my ipad mini yesterday at Jakarta airport gate 15. Pink leather case. I really would like it back? Around 1:30 pm Anybody found it, please contact me or return to lost and found at the airport. Thanks a million.
Are small dogs allowed in the airport to greet incoming passengers?