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Where are the public pay phone located near the passenger exit ? How much ?
Can I drop off my bags before I park at the airport?
i forgot in napoli airpot on 20.8.18 take away paper bag with swetcher and shoose inside. i can't reach the lost and found in the airport on telephone. cam upi semd me the email of them please ?
Where is the ticket counter for United located in terminal 2
Is there a place to store luggage for a 5 hours for a fee?
Hello, we have a 10 hour layover in San Diego and would like to figure out a way to store our luggage so we can take a tour downtown.....thank you
Please contact my number(012 7530 0543) if you found my credit card with my mame on it. (Jang sul ah / woori card)
I lost my ipad mini yesterday at Jakarta airport gate 15. Pink leather case. I really would like it back? Around 1:30 pm Anybody found it, please contact me or return to lost and found at the airport. Thanks a million.
Are small dogs allowed in the airport to greet incoming passengers?
Is it okay to drive by and pickup arrival passenger ”relatives” like LAX? please advise。Thanks.