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Does Alligent fly to West palm beach?
No, they stopped last year. The only South Florida airport they serve is Ft. Lauderdale.
US hwy. 21 in the airport area is closed until further notice due to the Nat'l. Guard C-130 crash. Use alternate route to airport.
may I ark in short term parking for handicap
What airport? This is not any airport's official website.
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US passport holder traveling from Victoria to Atlanta Georgia via Seattle. Where will I clear customs?
You clear US Immigration and Customs in Seattle. Victoria doesn't have preclearance.
I was wondering if there's facilities for service dogs to do their business if so where?
What airport?
Never mine I found out that all most all airports have facilities
Traveling from Dubrovnik to Oslo to Oslo on SAS with only an hour layover. Will I have enough time to make it? I will carry on my luggage. Thank you!
With Carry-ons only you should have just enough time.
Thank you! It sounds like a little bit too close.

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Hello, I am curious if you have a currency exchange office in your airport?
This is, not any airport's website. You didn't even post what airport you are talking about.
Where I stand drop off for pets at DTW for Alaska Airlines?
The Alaska airlines ticket counter in the North Terminal is likely the spot.