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I do I know which Concourse to go to once I get to the airport? A B C etc?
What airport? What airline? Where are you going? It should be on the departure monitors.
Bwi southwest sacr
Yes, just look at the monitors when you arrive.
No internet wifi. Sucks.
What are the smoking facilities at Dubai airport terminal 3
My sister is at the San Antonio airport. Her flight is delayed 4 hrs. and I need to find someone to help her.
I am supposed to pick up a family member this weekend and I will be by myself. I've only been to an airport a few times in my life and I have been to this airport to drop off not pick up. Where exactly are cars supposed to go when picking up a family member? I've heard this airport can be confusing and I do not want to go to the wrong spot.
What airport?
Need location of United Cargo area to pick up puppy being shipped to me.
Hi, i'm flying with my 1 yr old from brazil (united airlines) to tokyo by ANA and have connecting flight in IAH. My question is do i need to get claim my baggage and recheck it?. And how' s the process, should i first go to immigration, retrieved my luggage in terminal E, then go to terminal D to recheck my luggage . What is the fastest way to change terminals. Since i'm carrying a baby and swinging my luggage. Thanks.
Ask the check in agent in Brazil whether or not you will have to claim your bags in Houston. D and E are essentially the same building.
Hi..bus arrives st 7 pm Sunday night for an Icelandic flight at 9:30 (checking luggage) that enough time?
What airport?
Boston Logan
Yes, that should be enough time.
I'm in need of real official communication on the issue I have. I have spoken to the airlines in questions, tried the embassy who sent me to the travel agent, who sent me to the australian government website who says I may or may not need a transit visa.

I am travelling on a South African passport and will be transiting via Sydney to Fiji and returning via Brisbane back to South Africa. To enter Fiji I don't need a visa on a South African passport and the rules I have read is you don't need a transit visa for Australia if you transit less than 8 hours which is the case. But the more I research, the bigger issues I find of people who thought the same and were not able to travel the route due to not having a transit visa. I will be flying via Abu Dhabi to Sydney. Can anyone help? Anyone at immigration that can help me get the answer I need? Some way that in Sydney you sometimes clear customs, depending on the airline....
You won't get any official answer here - this is not the official website of anything.
Does virgin Atlantic use curb side check in in Atlanta hartsfield?