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Dose Hertzs have a shuttle bus from the airport to car rental site
What airport?
Columbus ohio CMH
shuttle service to hertz car rental
Rental Car pickup and dropoff at CMH is in a facility in a garage adjacent to the terminal. The offsite facility you see on google maps is just for processing and preparing cars.
thank your
How soon do I need to pick up my ticket before my flight?
What airport? What airline? Where are you flying?
Last time in LV had to take train to get to baggage claim. Still same? Don’t recall seeing signs. Ar American a/l.
Yes, that's still the same. The only way to access Concourse D is via a train. AA's gates are in Concourse D.
How many travelers have heard of our simple lost and found app? No crazy PDF forms, no emails to send and no phone numbers to call. It's free.

We are a young startup that has a lost and found app for travelers that have lost and found issues while in airport or with specific airline. It works around the world, as it is map based and has built in chat.

We have used the lost and found contact info to reach out to British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta, United, Virgin, Emirates and seems like the way they handle lost and found is time consuming to their operations, drains cash in wasted labor, plus the most importantly, it wastes travelers time.

The Traista app is free and available in both Google Play store and Apple App store. You can visit our website
Has anyone lost their mind trying to get their lost item reported/recovered in Laguardia? So, after stuffing our faces with turkey and argued with family over the holidays, we flew back to Boston, and obviously my kids decided they wanted their blanket to sleep on it, while we're dragging suitcases around.

Delta gave me their "lost and found" number, that is basically their general number, while Laguardia gave me their port authority number and an email from their custodian...and no luck, a week later.

Has anyone seen a bluish blanket with Piglet stitched onto it (hack job, no one sells them)? in Terminal C. Gate C 42 through 29 area...we had to chase our little maniac around! :) Nov 26th. I am sick of PDF forms and sitting on the *od damn phone.
Hi, my 6yo son forgot to take his Leonardo ninja turtle soft toy yesterday around Gate 67 area. We boarded for TR891/27nov.
It is his birthday gift.
Hope to hear good news.
Contact your airline. This is not any airline or airport's website.
What is your protocol for meeting a passenger(s) as the exit the plane.
What airport? Where are they arriving from?
I left my phone on the charging station at Gate 31 on Saturday 18 November. I was flying on Thai TG 565 to Bangkok at about 20:00. It is a Samsung S5 with a gold coloured case in a brown protective case. Has anyone seen it please?
What airport? This is not any airport or airline's website.

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Flight arrives past 11pm. Will need INR to pay taxi fare to get to the city. Are there ATM machines that would accept US credit cards and give INR in return? As an alternative, is FOREX counter open 24x7?