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I am flying for Toronto Canada to terminal 1 and transfer to terminal 3 for international flight to China. I have 45 minutes for the connection. Is this enough time and how long does it take.
IAD only has one terminal so your question us confusing. What airlines are you flying?
Sorry I am flying out of terminal 1 in TO with United airlines to catch my flight at terminal 3 flying with UA. I have 45 mins to catch my flight. Is this enough time and with my companion using a cane?
As I said - IAD only has one terminal. I don't know where you're getting "terminal 1 and terminal 3" as they don't exist. If both flights are on United they will likely both be on the C/D concourse. All you have to do in IAD is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto.
I have a 2hour window to come in from an international flight, get bags, go through customs/immigration, recheck bags, and get on my next plane. Is that enough time?
Where are you flying into Denver from? What airlines are you flying?
Flying in from London on British Airways, flying out on Alaska to Seattle.
If both tickets are on the same reservation that should be enough time.
They are not on the same reservation. I actually haven't reserved the flight out of Denver yet but I'm trying to avoid a 5 hour layover which is the next option.
In that case 2 hours is less than I'd want since you will have to go all the way out to the departure level to re-check your bags and then go through security.
Hi, I land in Frankfurt at 11:20 with flight SK 4755 in terminal 1. My next flight (CA 966) has a departure set for 13:55, also in terminal 1. Since the flight agencies are different, do I have to check in my luggage again before I leave? And do I have to go through EU control once I land? I'm worried there won't be enough time. Thank You.
I have a 30 minute layover from Air Wisconsin to PSA Airlines. Is that enough time to make it to the next gate?
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Milwaukee is on-time.
I brought lots of souvenirs from this place and once I got home I noticed that the guy didn't put 4 pens that I had purchased in bag. So I guess I'm out of luck now because I'm back in California and the number on the receipt is out of service.
one more question for the pdx to lax to tb...the day before if we check into af online and print boarding pass and go thru terminals to we have to check in with air france at all? or is it best to do it anyways and check in again at desk?
If when you check in for your flight from Portland it issues your Air France boarding pass then you don't have to check in with Air France at all.
Can anyone please tell me if United & Southwest share the same baggage claim area or are the separate
No, they are not in the same building. The Southwest baggage claim is in Terminal 1 and the United baggage claim is in Terminal 3.
I have booked a flight from PH -> LAX via Asiana airlines and a separate booking LAX -> DCA via Alaska airlines. Is 2hours 45min layover at LAX for immigrations, customs and baggage check enough for me to transfer to my next flight to DCA?
That's just enough time assuming your Asiana flight is on-time.
Thank you! :)
Mayor Roberts said flights Asia will start when the brand new ATC tower (second tallest in the country) is completed in 2020. The only question is where to in Asia? When will they Start? .
Does Anybody know/has the inside scoop where to Asia or will they not announce flights until they do?
The mayor is just spouting out crap. The control tower has nothing to do with flights to Asia. American could fly from Charlotte to Asia tomorrow if they wanted to. They obviously do not feel that there is currently a market for such flights. However, once they get more 787's I can see such a route starting. I imagine that Tokyo would be the first destination and the flight may actually be operated by JAL rather than American. However, this is just speculation. There are currently no announced flights from Charlotte to Asia.
Hi, I'm wondering if it's reasonable to catch a train from Lancaster to Waverly Train Station (7:15-9:43) and then catch a 12:30 international flight out of EDI? Allowing for the fact that we'll have two kids under 5 with us and need to check bags. We're open to taking a taxi between the train station and airport but want to be sure we don't miss our flight.