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Hi. My father forgot his staff at the Chicago airport in 2008. Does airport still keep it, and can we get it? If not, what happens to those things? Thank you
He lost it 9 years ago? It has either been thrown out or donated by now.
I was thinking the same... The thing is that it was his 3 pictures, he is an artist. Our family is very upset ... Thank you for your comment
I have lost my camera this morning into the airport. Please write my,you will be award
This is not any airline or airport's website and you didn't even post where this happened.
Dear Jakarta Airport,

Yesterda between 18:30 and 20:30 I lost my phone near gate 7 at your airport. It was a black IPhone 7 with a broken screen, (like a spiderweb).
Can you please let me know if you found this phone? Both email adresses will reach me, thank you so much.
This is not the Jakarta Airport's website.
After going through customs and immigration will I have to go back through security to get my connecting flight. My layover is a little over an hour is that enough time?
That's barely enough time if everything goes absolutely perfectly.
Thanks for the reply. I guess I will have to get my hustle on.
I have passport American, I travel from rzeszosw Poland to Punta Cana Republic dominicana.first flight Lufthansa arriving by the terminal 2.luego I need to go to terminal 1 second flight is Condor. I have an hour 30 minutes to make the connection. someone could tell me next steps when it. when arrive the t2, I have to do control immigration or go directly to the terminal 1, and if so how could get from t2 to t1.
Hi forum,
I need assistance. I'm having a valid Single Entry Schengen Visa. I would like to visit Montenegro for one week. Is it possible to travel with my Single Entry Schengen Visa to Montenegro? Thanks
Dose Hertzs have a shuttle bus from the airport to car rental site
What airport?
Columbus ohio CMH
shuttle service to hertz car rental
Rental Car pickup and dropoff at CMH is in a facility in a garage adjacent to the terminal. The offsite facility you see on google maps is just for processing and preparing cars.
thank your
How soon do I need to pick up my ticket before my flight?
What airport? What airline? Where are you flying?
Last time in LV had to take train to get to baggage claim. Still same? Don’t recall seeing signs. Ar American a/l.
Yes, that's still the same. The only way to access Concourse D is via a train. AA's gates are in Concourse D.
How many travelers have heard of our simple lost and found app? No crazy PDF forms, no emails to send and no phone numbers to call. It's free.

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