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Children flying unattended need to make way to coach canada in toronto? Anyone experience or can tell us where to find them
Try to contact Pierson Airport at 416-776-9892 or e-mail: or via Twitter @TorontoPearson.
what terminal does united land at from edinburgh and what does a connecting flight to orlando mco use, flying september
Are you connecting in Newark? If so both flights operate from Terminal C.
Can I bring my own snacks and bottled water through security and on plane??
Snacks, yes (as long as they're not liquids or gels). Bottled water - no.
So I can't bring any drink on correct??
Correct. If you want a drink you have to buy it after security in the airport.
Ok, thank you!!
You can bring an empty bottle through security then fill it up at a water fountain.
on 15 Jun I'm flying from Tyler TX, on United UA3262 departing 0536 hrs. arriving Houston at 0637 hrs. departing Houston on United UA 4149 AT 0727 hrs. arriving at Kansas City at 0933 hrs. will I have a problem with this reservation
It should be doable. The Tyler flights appear to mostly arrive in Terminal A and 4149 will probably depart from Terminal B. You just have to take the TerminaLink train one stop. You should have enough time.
i am arriving from the US to FRA by Lufthansa 7600 and connecting to Munich by Lufthansa 110. I have 1 hr and 25 mins lay over. is this enough time and what is best way to connect.

Lufthansa 7600 is actually United flight 46.

Is 40mins enough of a connection time for these flights, what will happen if i miss them, the flight itinerary was on united airs website so would book all flights with them surely they wouldn't recommend that itinerary if they didn't think we could make it there will be 2 of us and will both only have hand luggage. Also any advice of where we need to go when we land would really help so we can make sure we don't waste any time looking wee to go we are happy to un if needed just want some advice before I book.

Depart Las Vegas (LAS)Sat 18th May 23:29 Flight UA1611
Arrive Chicago (ORD O'Hare) Sun 19th May 05:00
Connect time in Chicago 1hr
Depart Chicago (ORD O'Hare) Sun 19th May 06:00 Flight UA6482 (operated by skywest dba united express)
Arrive Washington (IAD – Dulles) Sun 19th May 08:45
Connect time in Washington 40mins
Depart Washington (IAD – Dulles)Sun 19th May 09:25 Flight UA4
Arrive London (LHR – Heathrow) Sun 19th May 21:55

May thanks,
You can easily make a 1 hour connection at 5 AM at ORD. The day flight LHR-IAD usually has a lot of connections from ORD on it so it usually waits for the 6 AM ORD-IAD flight if it's late. However that flight is usually not late since it is also so early in the morning. If for some reason you miss your connection in ORD you will be booked on one of the evening ORD-LHR flights. If you miss your connection in IAD you will be booked on one of the evening IAD-LHR flights. In both cases you would get into London the morning of the 20th.
I would just like to know what the procedure is when getting a connecting flight at JFK. We are actually flying from OR Tambo (Johannesburg ) to Heathrow (London) to JFK (New York) to Luiz Munoz (San Juan). We are arriving on 17 May at 12:15 on an International flight on Virgin Atlantic at Terminal 4 and are then connecting at 14:30 on a Domestic flight on American Airways at Terminal 8.

According to the Travel agent "the Airline sells the connection as good connection" which means I cannot change it and that they believe that it is enough time. I believe the process is as follows:

When arriving at JFK collect bags
Find and go thru Customs
After customs there is a baggage carousel that I need to place my bags on that will take it to my destination (provided that they checked it all the way thru at OR Tambo (Johannesburg)) – Is this correct or do I need to take it with me
Find and get on a AirTrain to Terminal 8
Find and go to Departures
At terminal 8 do I need to Check-in and get a boarding pass at American Airways
Go thru to boarding gate
You should be able to re-check your bags in Terminal 4 with American before you take the Airtrain. If not just take your bags with you, since you will have to get a boarding pass from American anyway. You'll have to hurry as that's the last American flight to SJU of the day.
i,m arriving on Srilankan flight(581)0755 T3 and connecting to Alitalia (156) 0900 T1. how long will it take to get from T3 to T1? can i walk or have to take a shuttle?
which Airport do you arrive at and which Airport do you connect to?
We are travelling Msp-ATL-EZE (BUenos AIres) with Delta. The connection when we come back has a 1 hour 30 min. layover. Would that be enough time to make it from International Terminal to Domestic, considering we have to pick up our luggage and go thru Customs??
It will be tight, however, the EZE-ATL flight gets in very early in the morning so Immigration shouldn't be very busy then and even if you do miss your connection, Delta has an entire day's worth of ATL-MSP flights you can be rebooked on.
how much time is needed to change planes in Moscow arriving international terminal D to domestic also in terminal D - I need some idea before making a reservation.