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I am not a frequent traveler, but the last time i purchased a ticket i bought it from an airline (Aer Lingus) . i just found a great deal on a ticket for round trip, but it is not through a actual airline, but through a ...agent ?? (like expedia, kayak, ect) i will provide the link below of the website. im just nervous and dont want to get spammed or ripped off. i would love response !
That link doesn't work but it looks like a reputable website. Only thing to worry about is that many fares bought on Ultra Low Cost Carriers don't include a lot of things (like checked or even sometimes carry-on baggage or require a fee to check-in at the airport rather than online or may not include a seat assignment) and the online travel agency isn't required to tell you that, so sometimes it's a good idea to go to the airline's website to see what you get for the fare you're seeing.
its . so how much are baggage costs usually? (checked and a carry on bag) so if i do buy a ticket from a low cost carrier, im still paying for the flight, but the baggage is not included and your seat choice is automatically picked without your reference? on airline sights i get around 800 euros while on that site its 500 euros.
Baggage cost depends on the airline and the route you are flying. Does that site not show the airlines? If so that's called an opaque ticket. Where are you trying to fly?
it does, KLm/Delta, and the flight numbers. i called the agency ( and KLM so everything is settled i think
OK, cool.
I am travelling with United airways,arriving at terminal C Newark Liberty airpot from Mumbai and my next connecting flight is from Terminal A
1.In which terminal immigration check wil be done
2.and how to connect from Terminal C to A
3.Do we need to re-checkin the bags?
You will go through immigration in Terminal C. If both of your tickets were bought on the same reservation you will be able to re-check your bags after customs. Since you'll already be outside the secure area, the best way to get to Terminal A will be via the Airtrain, you'll then go back through security in Terminal A. Also, be sure to check flight status before you go to Terminal A to make sure you actually need to go there - some United Express flights operate from Terminal C, in which case you won't have to change terminals.
I was on American Airline flight 882 on August 11th seat 10A.
I left my Ipad in the seat pocket. The flight was headed to Tampa FL and is currently there now (aug 11). Please return if you locate it or turn in to AA lost in found.
Dallas Lost & Found
(972) 973-4420
Tampa Lost & Found
Or call 254-535-2900
Youneed to contact your airline.
I will be coming from GDL, Mexico(AA) and transiting via DFW with 2 hours layover time for the next flight(Emirates). Is this time enough to complete C&I, luggage recheck in and security. It will be on September 7,(Saturday)
Should be enough time, and being on a saturday will help and everything will be in the same terminal.
I bought the tickets with Emirates. GDL to DFW is in AA and DFW to DXB is in Emirates. Will i be provided with a ticket in the next available flight if in case i miss the flight.
Is the immigration and customs can be completed on a Saturday morning with two hours transit time. My flight arrival is 10:30 AM.(Sorry if its a silly question.) I am travelling to DFW for the first time and i am bit worried since i heard that immigration and customs queue are longer nowadays.
Yes, you should have enough time. Mid-morning on a saturday shouldn't be too busy. The next flight to Dubai will be the next day, but yes, Emirates will accommodate you if you miss your connection.
Thank you very much for all your help. I was able to connect the flight. Also, the airport officials are very kind and separate queues were arranged for US Citizens and non US Citizens. The most important thing is , a separate queue is arranged in the immigration area for the travelers whoever having a tight connection. I really enjoyed the travel via Dallas.

We are flying from Seattle to Dallas then onto Charlotte on American Airline in Sept and have only 45 min from Sea/DFW flight to board the DFW/CLT flight. Our bags will be checked thru to Charlotte so we won't have to deal with that but will we have enough time to navigate thru the terminal to get to our other flight in time? I'm stressing !
Yes, all the terminals at DFW are connected via the Skylink train and you can get between any gate in less than 20 minutes.
Believe it or not, when I was fly to Italy through Atlanta, I was delayed 2-1/2 days. Yes, hard to believe but true. The aircraft was delayed once due to water leaking into the plane, then it was a comedy of errors for 2 more days. When I wrote to Delta explaining this mess, they did nothing to rectify it. I will NEVER fly this airline again. Delays out of Atlanta are horrible.
I've flight schedule on July 18 from Memphis (AA flt 2821) to Hongkong (flt 807) with 3 hrs layover time at Chicago O'Hare airport. I am a first timer and not familiar with O'Hare airport. Please help me. I need to transfer my baggage from T-3 to T-5 and catch-up with the connecting flight to Hongkong. In your opinion, how much would it cost if I hire a taxi and drop me at T-5. Thanks to your help.
Were both of your tickets bought on one reservation? If so, then American should transfer your bags to Cathay Pacific for you. All you have to do to get between T3 and T5 is to take the ATS train between terminals (one stop). It is clearly marked with signage and should take no more than 20 minutes. Once you get to T5 you'll get your Cathay Pacific boarding pass if you don't already have it and go back through security. Barring very serious delays, you should have plenty of time.
It arrives in the main overseas terminal. All gates are common use so the exact gate can vary day-to-day.
My parents are flying from Mumbai to Charlotte, North Carolina via us airways. They have 1 hr 30 minutes stopover at Frankfurt for the next connection flight which is us airways again. My parents are aged 70 , will 1 hour 30 minutes sufficient for them to catch connecting flight at Frankfurt airport. Pl advise
US Airways arrives at Terminal 1, Concourse C. Your parents need to go through 'non-Schengen' (foreign) passport control and then board the Skyline train departing every 2-3 mins to satellite Concourse A, where all U.S. departures use the Z gates on the upper level of that Concourse. They have sufficient transfer time.
im flying from manila and stop over to yvr to there a desk of united airlines on international arrival in yvr just to get my boarding pass? and if there is.can you pls help me and tell me where is it? tnx a lot
United does not have a check-in desk on the secure side of the terminal. You will have to clear Canadian immigration, clear customs, and go upstairs to check-in with United.
so that means,i have to check in united airlines in level 2 and get my boarding pass,just like normal international departure?
Yes, like a normal Canadian transborder flight.
what if i arrive 3pm in their any other rule or other options if i arrive in that particular time?my flight is this coming aug 7 and im just lil nervous coz im not familiar with the yvr.