Lambert St Louis Airport Parking STL

Lambert St Louis Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger from the Airport, use the free Cell Phone Lots (one is a mile west of Terminal 1, half a mile east of Cypress Rd, on Lambert International Blvd., the other is only a third of a mile east of Terminal 2 on the north side of the Air Cargo Road) featuring airline flight display boards. Stay with your car until our party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb

Getting to Parking facilities - from I-70 Westbound, exit 235c Natural Bridge Road; Eastbound Exit 235c Cypress Road; Southbound take Exit 7b; Northbound exit 7c - a left lane exit.   (For Airport take I-70 westbound exit 238a).

Other parking options & fees at Lambert Airport:   The 'Super Park' offers short-, intermediate- and long-term parking:  Electric Vehicles can be parked at Super Park Lot A; charging is free.  For Parking Lots A, B, C, D & E- take Exit 235c. Natural Bridge Road continues as Lambert International Blvd. closer to the terminals. These lots offer free shuttle service to the terminals.

  Short-term parking

    Parking Garages 1 & 2 opposite Terminals 1 &2  (accessible on alllevels). Fees apply to both garages:
Fees: First 2 hrs $5; 2-4 hrs $10; 4-6 hrs$15; 6-12 hrs $20; 12-24 hrs $23. (Reserved parking available at Terminal2). 
    Parking Lot A is within walking distance of Terminal 1.
Fees: first 6 hrs $9; 6-12 hrs $12; 12-24 hrs$15.
    Parking Lot B is the closest lot for long-term parking, with an 0.5mile shuttle ride.
Fees: daily (24 hrs) $10; for Sat-Sun each $7.If full, use Lot D at $7. 
     Parking lot C is on Cypress Road, off Natural Bridge Rd. and offerscovered and uncovered spaces.  Accessible parking is at row C-5.
Fees:  Covered: first 6 hrs $6.50; 6-12 hrs$8.50; 12-24 hrs. $11;
           Uncovered: first 6 hrs. $5.50; 6-12 hrs. $7.50; 12-24 hrs $9.
    Parking lot D is the Economy Lot across from lot C, between I-70 andNatural Bridge Rd. - if full, proceed to Lot B.
Fees:  Each 24-hr day $7.
    Parking Lot E near Terminal 2 with 250 spaces is a new lotlocated at the former postal building - reached by short shuttle ride.
Fees: First 2 hrs $5; 2-4 hrs $10; 4-6 hrs$15;6-24 hrs. $20.

Long-term parking: Thereare 6 options for long-term parking. It charges under daily rates


Terminal 1 &2 Parking Garage                                                             $23/day

Parking Lot A                                                                                       $15/day

Parking Lot B                                                                                       $7/day

Parking Lot C – uncovered                                                                  $9/day

Parking Lot C – covered                                                                      $11/day

Parking Lot D                                                                                       $7/day

Parking Lot E                                                                                       $20/day                       

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover cards. 

For more parking information, and for oversized vehicle parking  (in LotC  - call in advance) call 314-960-5098.

NOTE:  Reserved parking at the T2 Garage's assigned area is available. Also New Frequent Parker Program  (signup free) will enable you tomonitor points, print out receipts and redeem free parking.  


Lambert St Louis ( STL ) Airport Parking Map

Lambert St Louis STL airport parking map

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