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Banking/ATM Services at Miami MIA Airport

Passengers have access to a full service Bank of America branch located on the 4th level of North Terminal D.  
Automated teller machines (ATMs) are located throughout the following terminals:  
- 2nd level of Terminal D
- 1st level of Terminals E and J.
- 3rd Level of the meeter/greeter lobby J.
- Past security in all the concourses.

Currency Exchange at Miami MIA Airport

Foreign currency exchange at MIA is available at level 2 throughout the terminals, and:

At North Terminal, level 2, and at gates D19, D29.
At Central Terminal, at G, level 2; at E, levels 1 & 2;  at E Satellite, level 3; at F, level 2.
In the Greeter's Lobby areas (at Concourse E, level 1 & Concourse J, level 3)
Past security checkpoints: inside Concourse J, inside Concourse D,  and in the  E Satellite building -  the booth in Concourse E, level 2 is open 5:30am-11pm.

Western Union has a currency exchange booth at the Central Terminal E, on level 2, open weekdays 10am-4pm.

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