Norfolk Airport ( ORF ) Guest Services and Help

Guest Services at Norfolk ORF Airport

Other services offered at Norfolk Airport:

Airport Ambassador Volunteers who roam the terminals serve the Airport by giving advice, information or assistance to its visitors. This includes directing passengers as they step off the plane, explaining airport facilities, assisting travelers with special needs and giving general directions in and around the airport.
The Military & Visitor Information Center offers general information regarding Military and tourism inquiries. It is open daily and locted in the Arrivals Terminal, near the rental car counters.
Military Info / USO Lounge: The Military Information Booth is on level 1 of the Arrivals Terminal, near rental car counters, manned by uniformed Naval personnel, open daily 8am-10:30-pm.  The USO Welcome Center lounge, located on the mezzanine level of the Arrivals Terminal (above the Information Center) is for military personnel and their family members.  Open daily 9am-9pm; tel. 757-233-0567. or visit:
Important Telephone Numbers:
Airport Conference Center (757) 857-3405
Airport Paging (757) 444-3040
Airport Parking Administration (757) 857-3348
Airport Police (Lost and Found) (757) 857-3344
BB&T Bank (757) 628-6917
Barber Shop (757) 858-2828
Hudson News and Gifts (all retail shops) (757) 858-9600
Military & Visitors Information Desk (757) 444-3040
Recorded Parking Information (24 hours) (757) 857-3340
Travelex Currency Services (757) 855-9785
USO / ASYMCA Lounge (757) 233-0567
Norfolk Airport Authority (the Airport's operator): tel: (757) 857-3351/ fax: 3265.

Lost & Found

1. For items lost onboard your airplane, contact your airline's lost & found department.
2. For items lost at the security screening area of ORF Airport, call TSA at 757-858-5602
3. For items lost inside the terminals (except security screening), call the Airport Police at 757-857-3223.

Mail Center

The Mail Center in the Departures Terminal near the pedestrian bridge offers mail collection boxes and machines for change & phone cards


Pets are not allowed at the airport unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel.
Consult your airline as to their requirements.


International Travelers at Norfolk ORF Airport