Reno Tahoe Airport Parking RNO

Reno Tahoe Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Reno-Tahoe Airport has a safe, well-lit Parking Garage with three-levels, providing covered space on the first 2 levels for approximately 1,250 vehicles. The uncovered third level can accommodate another 850 cars. In addition, there is a 1565-car Long Term Surface Lot located just south of the Parking Garage. The parking facility is open 24/7. The entire Parking Plaza area is patrolled by Airport Police.

Drop-Off or Pick-Up Passengers: - use short-term parking. Passengers may be dropped off at the front or outer curb. Don't leave your vehicle unattended while using the curbside for drop off. Unattended vehicles on the curbs will be towed immediately.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot - for picking up a traveler. Located on the south side of the terminal loop road, the lot is free for temporary parking until your party has deplaned, collected baggage and called to be picked up at curbside. You must remain with your car while waiting.
Directions: upon entering the airport from either the intersection of Plumb Lane and Terminal, or from Highway 395, vehicles should travel in the far right lane, and make a right turn into the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Signage is clearly posted.

Parking Options and Fees:

Short-Term Parking Fees (1st Level)
First 30 mins - $1
First hr - $2
Each add'l hr - $1*
Daily max (24 hrs) - $22

Long-Term Parking Fees (2nd and 3rd Levels)
First 30 mins -$1
First hr - $2
Each add'l hr $1*
Daily max (24 hrs) $12

Long-Term Parking (Surface Lot)
First 30 mins - $1
First hour - $2
Each add'l hr $1*
Daily max (24 hrs) $10 per day.

* (For hr 3: $3, for hr 4: $4, etc.)

Payment Methods: Credit Express is a new hi-tech and high-speed parking system at Reno-Tahoe Airport - no more tickets, no more cash, no more waiting. It offers three options: Credit Express/Ticketless, Pay on Foot and Cashier:

(a) Credit Express/Ticketless - At entrance, insert your credit card; when exiting, simply insert the same credit card you used to enter, a receipt will be printed and you can exit.

(b) Pay on Foot - Press the green button for a ticket, make sure to keep it with you. Stop at one of the Pay on Foot machines throughout the parking garage and pay for your parking ticket by credit card or cash. A prepaid ticket receipt will be printed. When exiting, insert your prepaid ticket.

(c) Cashier - Press the green button for a ticket. When exiting, insert your ticket into the machine at any open cashier booth - it will calculate the parking fee. You can either pay with your credit card by inserting it into the ticket slot or hand cash to the cashier.

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