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San Antonio Airport Parking Rates & Information

Are you traveling from San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and looking for a great parking spot? Check out this guide to know about the airport’s parking information.

There are 4 parking options at San Antonio Airport:

  • SAT Short Term Parking Garage
  • SAT Long Term Parking Garage
  • Economy Green and Red Parking Lots
  • Valet Parking

Passengers can park their automobile on-site for up to 30 days. San Antonio Airport provides free shuttle to and from Red and Green SAT parking lots to the terminal curbside. During the peak travel time, the airport posts all parking updates on their official website and their Facebook page. In addition, visitors and passengers are facilitated with SAT Hybrid Parking, Electric Charging Parking, Military and Disabled Veterans Parking and several other parking programs. Keep reading to get SAT parking rates for all types of parking facilities available at the airport.

San Antonio Airport on site parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below. 

SAT Off-Airport Parking

Homewood Suites (SAT)
Homewood Suites (SAT)
8531 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX, 78217
Parking options: Uncovered, Self
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day
Courtyard San Antonio Airport
Courtyard San Antonio Airport
8615 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX, 78217
Parking options: Self Park Outdoor
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day
Thrifty Airport Parking
Thrifty Airport Parking
8790 CROWNHILL BLVD, San Antonio, TX, 78209
Parking options: N/A
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day

San Antonio Airport Parking Map

San Antonio SAT airport parking map

Short-Term Parking Garage

Location: At airport, adjacent to terminals.

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

Short Term Parking is located near both terminals, in the same facility that has Rental Car Return. You can reach the parking area by walking.

Short-Term Parking Rates

0 to 15 Minutes: Free

16 to 30 Minutes: $3.00

31 Minutes to 1 Hour: $5.00

1 to 1 1/2 Hours: $7.00

1 1/2 to 2 Hours: $9.00

2 to 2 1/2 Hours: $11.00

2 1/2 to 3 Hours: $13.00

3 to 3 1/2 Hours: $15.00

3 1/2 to 4 Hours: $17.00

4 to 24 Hours: $25.00

Lost Ticket: See Cashier

Long-Term Parking Garage

Location: At airport

Type: Garage and lot

To Terminals: Walking distance

SAT long term parking is a little farther away from the airport than the Short Term Lot. But, it is still just a few minutes walk away from terminals.

Long Term Parking Rates

0 to 15 Minutes: Free

16 Minutes – 1 Hour: $3.00

1 – 2 Hours: $5.00

2 – 3 Hours: $7.00

3 to 4 Hours: $9.00

4 to 24 Hours: $10.00

Lost Ticket: See Cashier

Economy Green and Red Parking Lots

Location: Off airport

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Shuttle

SAT economy parking red lot is smaller than the green lot. The green lot is closer to airport terminals. Free shuttle is facilitated to the terminal curbside. You can take the shuttle from one of the four available stops.

Economy Green and Red Parking Lots Parking Rates

0 to 15 Minutes: Free

16 Minutes – 1 Hour: $3.00

1 – 2 Hours: $5.00

2 – 24 Hours: $7.00

1 Week (7 days): $49.00

Lost Ticket: Press intercom for assistance

Valet Parking

Location: Terminal A - curbside arrivals

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Shuttle

Fly Away Valet is the fastest way to park at SAT. This San Antonio Airport parking operates 24 hours a day / seven days a week. Its benefits include convenient parking close to terminals, luggage assistance, and ticketless process. Also, the facility accepts remote mobile payment and offers complimentary water and newspaper. There are complimentary window cleaning and interior vacuuming services available too.

Valet Parking Rates

0 – 3 Hrs. $17.00

3 – 6 Hrs. $25.00

6+ Hrs./Overnight $33.00

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

At SAT Cell Phone Waiting Lot offers, customers can park and wait for their friends, family members or business associates to arrive. The lot is located one block off 410/Airport Blvd, near the QMart and Burger King. When you use this free parking lot, you must remain attended with your vehicle. You can check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone while you wait.

In addition to these main SAT parking facilities, the airport offers other programs like:

SAT Guaranteed Parking Program (GPP)

This program suits frequent flyers and business travelers. It ensures guaranteed and no-hassle parking for companies and individuals with two options for monthly parking available.

GPP Parking Rates

Short Term Parking Garage – $360.00 per month

Long Term Parking Garage – $240.00 per month

Hybrid Parking

There are 78 parking areas atop the long-term garage, for hybrid parking. These spaces are shaded by 122 solar panels.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Stations

There are 22 electric vehicle charging station ports in SAT parking facilities. Twenty of these are located in short-term and long-term facilities. You don’t have to pay additional chargers to use these EV stations.

Accessible/Handicap Parking

The airport grants about 24 hours of complimentary parking to vehicles with a State-issued Disabled Plate or when a passenger has a hang tag placard.

San Antonio Airport Parking Q&A

Parking near San Antonio Airport is possible via several off-airport parking lots, including Airport Security Park, Towneplace Suites By Marriott San Antonio Airport, and Courtyard San Antonio Airport Parking. Most offer very competitive parking rates vs the airport lots. Note that parking near SAT at off-site locations almost always requires advanced reservations.
San Antonio International Airport parking is generally affordable as compared to many other city-based airports. Please check above for specific prices and details for each parking location.
No. SAT airport does not facilitate pre-booking for parking.
All San Antonio parking facilities accept cash and all major credit cards including, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.
The Parking Division at San Antonio Airport offers many complimentary services. These include battery starts, tire inflation, emergency gasoline, and vehicle location. Dial 210.207.3433 and enter the option 4.
Yes. No parking is allowed at curbside. The area is only for active loading and unloading. To avoid pick-up congestion, evening pickups between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. on the terminals’ Upper Level is advised. Check arrivals to SAT.