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Airlines Served San Antonio Airport SAT

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Your Guide to Airlines Serving San Antonio Airport

San Antonio Airport (SAT), also known by its FAA code SAT, is a key hub in Texas, accommodating over 10 million passengers every year. This facility connects travelers to more than 50 nonstop destinations throughout the United States and Mexico. Key airlines include American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines, each providing daily services to and from this location.

American Airlines

American Airlines, a global aviation leader, significantly contributes to the operations at SAT. Offering nonstop services to more than 20 destinations, including high-demand cities like Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles, it ensures travelers have a variety of options. All flights by this carrier depart from Terminal A. For passengers looking for additional comfort, American Airlines provides options for upgraded seating and priority boarding, enhancing the travel experience.

Southwest Airlines

As the nation's largest domestic airline, Southwest Airlines prides itself on competitive fares and a customer-friendly approach. From the airport, it flies nonstop to over 30 destinations, catering to both business travelers and vacationers heading to places like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Cancun. Operations are based in Terminal A. Southwest is also known for its two free checked bags policy and flexible cancellation policy, making it a favorite among many travelers.

United Airlines

With a vast network, United Airlines plays a pivotal role at the airport, offering nonstop flights to more than 10 destinations, including Denver, Houston, and Newark. This carrier's operations are housed in Terminal B. United Airlines is recognized for its extensive global network, allowing passengers from SAT easy connections to international destinations. Additionally, United offers various cabin classes, from economy to Polaris business class, catering to diverse passenger needs and preferences.

Other Airlines

In addition to American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines, San Antonio Airport is served by several other notable airlines, ensuring a broad selection of destinations and services for travelers. Some of these include:

  • Aeromexico: Provides direct flights to Mexico, offering travelers convenient access to various Mexican destinations with a touch of Mexican hospitality.
  • Alaska Airlines: Offers flights to the west coast and beyond, known for its award-winning customer service and generous mileage program.
  • Delta Air Lines: Connects passengers to its vast network across the United States and international destinations, with a focus on comfort and efficiency.

It's important to note that the information provided here is subject to change. For the most current details, including specific airlines' terminal locations, please refer to the complete list of airlines served by the airport:

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San Antonio Airport airlines served Q&A

While the exact number of flights can vary daily, San Antonio Airport facilitates a significant number of departures each day to more than 50 nonstop destinations. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's advised to check directly with the airlines or the airport's official website.
Yes, the airport offers international flights, primarily to Mexico. Airlines such as Aeromexico provide direct flights to various Mexican destinations, offering travelers convenient access with a touch of Mexican hospitality.
Yes, Alaska Airlines offers flights from the airport to the west coast and beyond. Known for its award-winning customer service, Alaska Airlines ensures a comfortable journey to your desired west coast destination.
Airlines like American Airlines and United Airlines offer upgraded seating options and priority boarding for passengers looking for additional comfort. United Airlines also offers various cabin classes, including the luxurious Polaris business class, to cater to diverse passenger needs and preferences.
Southwest Airlines operates from Terminal A at the airport. This terminal serves as the base for both Southwest and American Airlines, facilitating their numerous daily flights to various destinations.
Yes, Southwest Airlines is particularly known for its customer-friendly policies, including two free checked bags for each passenger. This policy makes it a favorite among many travelers, especially those looking to avoid extra fees.
United Airlines would be a strong recommendation for travelers aiming to connect to international destinations beyond Mexico. With its extensive global network, United Airlines provides passengers flying from the airport easy connections to international destinations, ensuring a seamless travel experience.