San Antonio Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

There are 6,000 parking spaces available. Covered parking in garages. Disabled parking spaces are in all parking areas. Be aware that the parking lot of choice may be full. Customers are responsible for paying the rate designated for the parking area where they park; mistakes can be costly!
Peak Periods at the airport are: Spring Break, July to early August, Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Years.
Note: Only active loading and unloading is permitted at the Terminal curb areas and drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times. If additional time is needed for check-in or passenger pick-up, the driver will be required to move. You may park for up to 30 minutes free in the Hourly or Long Term areas.
If you anticipate leaving your car at an Airport Parking Area for more than 30 days, call the Parking Division at (210) 207-3465 and make a long-term parking arrangement.

Parking Options and Fees:

Free Cell Phone Waiting Lot Stay in your car and wait for your party to call notifying you that they are ready to be picked up at the curb of the terminal. This lot is located at the corner or Airport Blvd. and Northern Blvd. (If traveling toward the airport, take a left at the first light off Airport Blvd.)

1. Hourly Parking Area -located next to Terminal 1 and primarily intended for Drop-Off & Pick Up- Make a fast getaway by using ExitExpress!*. Fees:
First 60 mins - free
31 to 60 mins - $1
1 to 1 � hrs - $2
1 � to 2 � hrs - $3
2 � to 3 � hrs - $4
Each add'l hr - $
Daily max (24 hrs) - $22

2. Long-Term Parking Area - available in Daily Parking and Economy Parking Areas. Make a fast getaway by using ExitExpress!*. Fees:
First 30 mins - free
31 to 60 mins - $2
1 to 2 hrs - $4
2 to 3 hrs - $6
3 to 4 hrs - $8
Daily max (24 hrs) - $10

3. Economy Parking Area - The entrance is at South Terminal Drive and Northern Blvd. Free shuttle available to/from Terminals. Allow 12-15 minutes for this trip. The Lot and Shuttles are open 24 hrs/day. Fees:
First 30 mins - free
30 - 60 mins - $2
1 to 2 hrs - $4
Each add'l hr - $2
Daily max (24 hrs) - $6:

Payment Methods: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. *ExitExpress is a way to avoid the lines at exit by paying for your parking at the garage, then zipping through the Exit Plaza by using an automated lane, at the following locations: Terminal One: Across from the ticketing level on the top level of the Hourly Garage -and- in the tunnel below the baggage-claim level, take the escalators down; Terminal Two: Across from the terminal just to the left of the crosswalk. Any major credit or debit card is accepted. Just push the RECEIPT button for your receipt. Then, take your ticket and go through any exit marked �Prepaid.� Lanes 1 & 8 are always open!

For assistance with a dead battery, keys locked in the car, or a flat tire, call (210) 207-3465 or 73465 from a White Courtesy Phone.

San Antonio ( SAT ) Airport Parking Map

San Antonio SAT airport parking map

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