San Francisco Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

To pick up a passengers at SFO, you can use the free Cell Phone Lot (up to 1 hour) located at 806 South Airport Blvd (ZIP Code 94128), accesible via Interstate I-380 or U.S. Hwy. 101 (a 5-minute drive from the terminals).  Stay with your car until your party collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the curb.  (You can also use the short-term parking garage inside the terminal circle.) 

Green Vehicle Parking Zones:
(charging is free - level 1: 110 V standard outlet; level 2: 240V; supply your connecting cable for level 1).  Parking stalls are marked 'Green Vehicle Parking'.  For International Garage A use SouthLink Rd; for Int'lGarage G use North Link Rd.
  - At long-term Garage at levels 2  near elevators & at long-term surface lot at Bus Stops 5, 7 & 8.
  - At Domestic Garage, level 1 (stalls are in each section of the garage, adjacent to elevator lobbies); on level 4: ParkValet.
  - At International Garage A (South Link Rd.) at level 2 near terminal walkway, &  level 7 near AirTrain terminal.
  - At International Garage G, (North Link Rd.), at level 1near elevators, at level 3 near terminal walkway, and level 7 near AirTran terminal
  - Park Valet on level 4 of Domestic garage.

Parking options & Fees at San Francisco International Airport
include a cell phone lot, Kiss & Fly drop-off, Domestic/ Hourly, International /Hourly, Long-Term, ParkFast, ParkVALET parking options - including Short-term/hourly parking inside the terminal circle, daily/ hourly parking across from the International Terminal, or long-term parking - next to the Cell Phone lot:
The Kiss & Fly Drop-off is at the Rental Car Center on North McDonnell Road - where passengers can take the AirTrain's Blue Line to their terminal within minutes.  NOTE: Passengers for domestic flights may also check-in bags and get boarding pass in the Center's lobby.
Electric Car Plug-in Zones:  At Domestic Garage, level 1 & ParkValet on Level 4;  In International Garage G, at levels 1 & 3. and at Garage A, at level 2.  At Long-term Garage, at level 2; and at Long-term Surface Lot at Bus Stops 5, 7, & 8.

ParkFast is available on level 4 of the Domestic Garage. Subscribers enjoy automated entry/exit without lines or cashiers. You can also use a valid credit card.  Directions: from U.S. 101, use the Airport exit, then follow signs to Domestic Terminals Departures Level roadway; stay in the left lane & turn left into the garage entrance, opposite Delta Airlines curb. (All Fees stated below are as of June 18,  2017):
     Fees: each 15 minutes $2; members: each 24 hrs $40;  non-members: each 24 hrs $42- credit card only.
ParkValet is available for all terminals and is located in the Domestic Garage. (Directions are same as for ParkFast).
     Fees: each 24-hr period $45.
Long-term Parking is available:
in the Parking Garage on South Airport Blvd. (closest to the Airport entrance), with a pick-up/drop-off parking shuttle stop to/from the International Terminal;
 - at the Overflow, Long-term Parking Lot D' s entrance is on San Bruno Ave., across from the Long-term Parking Garage.
       Fees: $2 each 15 minute segment; up to daily max $25.
   Domestic Parking Garage for Hourly Parking has 5 levels, with short tunnels leading to all Terminals is located in the center of the Terminal Circle. Its designated Letters A - G refer to the boarding gate letters of Terminal 1 (B & C),  Terminal 2 (D), Terminal 3 (E & F), & the International Terminal (F/G & A/B). To access the Domestic Garage, follow signs to the International Terminal on the roadway, then follow 'hourly' parking signs on the flyway to the garage entrance - then follow color coded sections: orange for A/B & B gates; red for C gates; purple for D gates; blue for E gates, and green for F & F/G gates.
      Fees:  each 15 minute segment $2; up to daily max $36 
   International Parking Garages A & G for daily/ hourly parking - are in front of the International Terminal's North & South sides, and all terminals can be accessed from these garages either by pedestrian walkways to International Terminal - or by  AirTrain to Terminals T1, T2 & T3.  To access Garages A & G, follow International Terminal signs on the roadway & then the Garages A & G signs on the flyway.
     Fees: for hourly parking: $2 each 15 minute segment; up to daily max $36.

Payment Options: Credit Card In/Out, Ticket & Credit Card, Ticket & Cash payment; or
sign up for FasTrak, utilizing FasTrak entry & exit lanes, with receipt taken at exit only. To apply, open

For more parking information call 650-821-7900.

San Francisco ( SFO ) Airport Parking Map

San Francisco SFO airport parking map

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