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Guest Services at Denver DEN Airport

All Services at Denver Airport (other than Info Booth & USO Center listed on top) are listed alphabetically below:

Information Booth located in the Jeppesen Terminal - it is responsible for all inquiries, including tourist information on local Denver and Colorado area attractions.   Furthermore there are Information Booths at the center cores of  A, B & C gates.
Airport Guest Services staff can assist you with directions, lost luggage, or if you have special needs and require assistance with items such as wheelchairs or handicapped accessibility. Medical personnel are staffed and prepared in the Medical Center to help with minor emergencies. Both the Hospitality Ambassadors and Guest Services staff provide customer service, an information booth, airport paging and directions, and flight information.
Use the white courtesy telephones throughout the airport to contact Guest Services for paging, information or to report emergencies. Dial 2000 on the white courtesy telephones or call the airport’s toll-free number 1-800-AIR-2-DEN.
Travelers with special needs, such as oxygen, can make advance arrangements with the airport’s Travelers Assistance Program by calling 303-342-0400.

Rocky Mountain United Service Organization (USO) Center
For traveling armed forces men and women and their families. Located beyond security screening in the Presidents Club at the end of the pedestrian bridge connecting Jeppesen Terminal with Concourse A.
Contact Hedy Margolis, director of the Rocky Mountain USO Center, (303) 342-6876 or e-mail at [email protected]

Services at Denver Airport listed in alphabetical order:
A Massage - Concourse A, (303) 342-6888; Concourse B, (303) 342-6889
Airport Baggage Center - for baggage retrieval - Terminal Level 5, (303) 342-5858
Airport Information Booth - Concourses A, B, C, and Terminal Level 5
American Airlines Admirals Club at A gates, north end of A gates bridge.
ATM Machines - Concourses A, B, C and Terminal Levels 5 & 6
Baggage Storage is vilable at the Aport Baggage Center, Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5.
Battery Charging Stations - A, B, C  gates, concourse level;
British Airways Executive Club - A gates, north end of A gates bridge
City Lost & Found - at DIA Terminal Level 5, (303) 342-4062 
Conoco and Autoport - Pena Boulevard, (303) 342-0303
Executive Shine - Concourses A, B, C
Electronics: BluWire kiosk - C gates, Center Core; I-Tech X-Perience - B gates, Mezzanine; Jestibo Wireless kiosk C  & B Gates.
FedEx Drop Boxes at Mezzanine level, gates B & C
Flowers - Amoe Fiori Flowers, east side, level 5
Foreign Currency - A , B gates, Center Core
Global Entry - International Arrivals, Jeppeson Terminal
Ground Transportation booth - Jeppeson Terminal, level 5
InMotion Pictures (Rentals) - Concourse A, (303) 317-1172; Concourse B, (303) 342-0548
Interfaith Chapel - Terminal Level 6
International Security Wrap - Terminal Level 6, (303) 342-6816
Internet Kiosks - Concourses A, B, C, Terminal Level 6
Lost & Fround - level 5, near international arrivals
Mail Boxes Concourses A, B, C and Terminal Level 6
Money Exchane - B gates, Center Core
Pet Relief Area - is Terminal Level 2 northwest corner, near Door 200;
Public Bus Info Kiosk - level , behind rental car counters
Public Service Credit Union - Terminal Level 6, (303) 639-2830
Qwest Business Center - Concourse B, (303) 317-0988
Security Checkpoint Mailers - Security Checkpoint, Terminal North/South and Security Checkpoint, entrance to Concourse A Walkway Bridge
Shoe Shine - Center Core of gates  A, B and C
SmarteCarte, Inc. - Terminal Levels 5 & 6
Smoking lounge C gates, center core
Tax & Duty-Free - Liberty, A gates
Tourist Information - level 5, west-side center core, near door 505/507
Train stations - Center Core, A, B & C gates and between Heppesen Terminal and airline gates.
Traveler's Assistance - Concourse B and Terminal Level 5, (303) 342-0400
TSA Pre-check  - Jeppesen T, bridge to A gates; T North & South, & A gates security check.
Tourist Info: Terminal, level 5, near arrivals.
United Club - B gates near B30 & B44
U.S. Post Office - Terminal Level 6 West, (303) 342-3388;  US Mail drop boxes at A, B, & C gates.
UPS drop boxes at B & C gates, Mezzanine level.
USO: see details at 'Rocky Mountain Untited Service' at top.
Vending Machines -  A, B & C gates.
World Wide Currency Exchange - Concourses A, B and Terminal Level 5, (303) 342-0190
XpresSpa - C gates, center core.

Lost & Found

Items found in public areas at the airport are taken to Airport Lost and Found, located in Jeppesen Terminal.  Filing a claim for a lost item can be done only online.

Lost and Found Office: 

Jeppesen Terminal, East Side on the first level (see MAP), adjacent to the Employee Parking office.

Contact Phone: 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To File a claim: 

Claims can be made from anywhere in the world by visiting lostandfound.flydenver.com, which prompts you to create an account which is used to get back to you about your item.

Items found in shops, restaurants, or other businesses at DIA Airport:

Items left in shops, restaurants, or other establishments at the airport are held by that business.  

Items lost while on an airplane or at an airline gate:

Personal items lost while in flight or at an airline gate are collected and held for claim by the respective airline. Lost luggage is also held for claim by airline companies. To report lost items or luggage, visit our Airlines page to contact your airline directly.

Mail Center

At DEN Airport, a full-service U.S. Post Office is inside t he Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6 West - tel (303) 342-3388 - or visit usps.com
FedEx drop Boxes are at B & C gates, at their mezzanine levels.
UPS Drop Boxes are at Mezannine level, gates B & C.
U.S. Mail drop boxes are at A, B & C gates


The Pet Relief & Exercise Area is located at the Jeppensen Terminal, Northwest Corner, Level 2, near Door 200; the area is wheelchair accessible. 
Connecting passengers with pets who want to use the area should plan on at least 30 minutes of travel time to the terminal and back to an airline gate - there are no pet relief areas in or outside of the  the Concourses.
On-Airport Pet Boarding:  'Paradise 4 Paws' is on 244735 E. 75th Avenue - at the WorldPort facility, east of Pikes Peak - open 24/7. Small dogs, as well as cats have their own area. there are also on-site veterinary assistants. You may also park your car there, using their shuttle to/from Jeppeson Terminal.   Call 303-342-6996 or visit: www. Paradise4PawsDenver.com.


Smoking Bear Lounge is available at C gates, center core.

International Travelers at Denver DEN Airport

International arrivals procedure is being explained in the text portion of 'Terminal Maps'