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Religious Facilities

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Chapels & Faith-based Facilities at Atlanta International Airport

For passengers seeking religious services, Atlanta International Airport offers several facilities to cater to their needs. These facilities are available for all religious denominations, and passengers of all faiths are encouraged to use them.

The Interfaith Chapel is located on the third level of the Main Terminal, near the escalators leading to the Airport Mall. It is open 24/7 and can accommodate up to 100 people. The Chapel offers a quiet space for prayer, meditation, or reflection. Religious literature and a prayer request book are also available.

Additionally, the airport has meditation rooms in Concourses E and F. The rooms are open 24/7 and provide a peaceful space for quiet contemplation. The rooms are equipped with yoga mats, prayer rugs, and comfortable seating.

For Muslim passengers, Atlanta International Airport provides a designated prayer room in Concourse F. This room is equipped with ablution facilities and prayer mats.

Passengers can also visit the Jewish or Christian hospitality rooms, located on Concourse F. These rooms are open 24/7 and offer a comfortable space for religious services, including Sabbath candle lighting and wine blessings.

As this information can change, always check with the Airport for the latest information.