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Guest Services at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ATL Airport

Other Services offered at Atlanta Airport include trained Airport volunteers staffing the Information Desks - loctated in the Transportation Mall (they are directing passengers to their gates; are in the baggage claim areas, provide ground transport information; and roam the international concourses).
All other services (not listed separately) are listed here in alphabetical order:

ACVB - Atlanta Convention & Visitors's Bureau at Atrium NW. Tel: (404) 305-8426.
Airport Volunteers are available to be of assistance to visitors at Information Counter, Transport Mall, in baggage claim areas and on the international concourse.
Baggage Storage - Wrap-A-Bag (tel. 404-209-9300) at SW area of Atrium, across from Delta bagage claim area; open daily 6am-11pm.
Children's Entertainment: Play Area - International Terminal, near gates A8 & A23;  play station re-charging units are available throughout the concourses. A 33-foot dinosaur is in the Airiport Atrium.
Customer Service / Direct Line: 1-800-897-1910 or (404) 530-7300 - 7am-11pm; Customer Service is available weekdays 8:15am-5pm.
Concierge - A premium service for hotel & dining reservations, entertainment tickets & more.
Located at Terminal North, across from baggage carousel 3; tel. 404-763-1062
Conventioners Bureau - at Atrium, near the 'Clock Tower' (tel. 404-305-8426 or visit atlanta.net).  Itoffers information on restaurants, lodging, entertainment and local attractions.
Denied Boarding - call 404-209-0773, or visit visalady.com.
Information Desk is open daily and addresses passengers' questions, comments or concerns. Its staff and volunteers are stationed at Information Desks throughout the terminals and in the Automated People Mover stations on each concourse. The majority of the staff is bilingual and is essential in the Airport’s mission to offer services exceeding customers' expectations.
International Passengers - U.S. federal agencies:
US Customs tel. 404-765-2300 /fax 2325;  website cbp.gov
US Citizenship & Immigration tel. 1-800-375-5283 / TTy 1-800-767-1833 / fax 404-765-5792; website: uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis.
US Department of Agriculture tel. 404-564-2299 /fax 2295; website aphis.usda.gov
UF Fish & Wildlife tel. 404-763-7959 /fax 366-031; website fws.gov
Minute Suites (tel. 404-762-7660) at  Concourse/ gate B 15, open 24/7.
Quick Passport/Visa (tel. 404-209-0773) at Atrium NW, ipen 8am-8pm.
Shoeshine:  Mastershine & Heel--at A Gate 20; Atrium NE & SE,;  B Gate 17
The Club @ ATL: Tel. 404-382-2856 - at F Mezzanine, open 5:30am-9:30pm
Telephones, TTY, Volume C: Quality public pay phone services with TDDs and wheelchair accessibility. Location: Atrium
Travelers Aid - adjacent to Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau booth in the Atrium. (tel. 404-817-7070),  assists families, children, seniors and disabled passengers, and helps with Atlanta connections to other flights, or with ground transportation.  Under their 'Meet & Assist Program (tel. 404-817-7070,  ext. 108) - available at a fee - a representative will meet the passenger/s at the arrivals gate and ensure proper transfer connection.
USO Lounge - Level 3, at Atrium (Military Persnnel Assistance contact information 404-464-4255; USO information 404-761-8061.

Lost & Found

If you left items on an airplane or at a gate, please contact the airline directly. For airline contact information, visit Passenger Airlines at ATL. Items left in the terminal and at passenger security checkpoints are given to ATL’s Lost and Found. Please click here to fill out a Lost Item report and see our Frequently Asked Questions. The Lost and Found office is in Domestic Terminal North, upper level, across from American Airlines ticketing. Hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Mail Center

U.S. Postal Store is a full-service post office with services including passport applications, photos and processing.  Location: Atrium - Gate SW; Tel: 404-305-0283

U.S. Post Office letter drop and self-service stamp vending are located at: Concourse B - Gate 17
Concourse C - Gate 17
Concourse D - Gate Centerpoint


As a general rule, pets are not allowed inside the terminals, unless being in a kennel. Exception: working dogs on a leash.
As to transporting your pet, it is suggested that you contact your airline, as rules differ from airline to airline. Also find out where your pet can be picked up on arrival.

Pet Relief Areas:
A large fenced-in pet relief area, referred to as the "Dog Park',  is is located in the Ground Transportation area on Terminal South outside of doors W1 and W2.
Another pet area (Poochie Park' is located (a) on the lower level of Terminal North outside door LN2 to the right of the building,  and (b) at the arrivals level of the International Terminal, outside of door A1.


International Travelers at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ATL Airport

All international arrivals at U.S. Airports - other than those who cleared U.S. Customs at participating foreign Airports - need to go through passport control, pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance .  If they continue their journey  they need to re-check-in their bags where indicated, before proceeding to their connecting flight's gate.  For more details and /or Concourse connections, please open iFly's 'Terminal Map' page.

All international arrivals at Atlanta Airport will land at the new International 'Maynard Jackson' Terminal at either Concourses E or F, which have separate immigration & customs checkpoints:  (a)  passengers arriving at Concourse F will go through customs clearance (CBP) at this concourse, regardless of whether connecting to other flights or not; (b) passengers arriving at Concourse E and connecting to another flight will be processed right there, while  Atlanta-bound travelers will pass through a sterile corridor with moving walkways leading to the Concourse F's Customs clearance.

Baggage Transfers: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight * - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting airline's check-in counter (which may be in another terminal) and  check them in before proceeding through security check and on to your departure gate.  
*Your bags will be automatically transferred if  both arriving & departing airlines (a) belong to the same Airline Alliance,  (b) code-share with another airline; or (c) if both flights were bought on one ticket.