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Guest Services at San Francisco SFO Airport

Other services offered by SFO Airport:

SFO Airport Information / Travelers Assistance:
Airport Information Booths are located on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level of each terminal. Language interpretation is available. Computerized information kiosks are available at the booths 24/7. These kiosks provide both ground transportation and general airport information. Recorded multi-language ground transportation information is also available by dialing 1121 from any Airport courtesy phone.
Travelers Aid Booths are located on the Departures/Ticketing Level of all terminals and are staffed daily 9am-9pm. Travelers Aid provides general assistance and carries a number of printed public transportation schedules. Courtesy phone dial *1137
Customs/Immigration: Arrivals Level of the International Terminal. Courtesy phone Customs dial *1138, Immigration and Naturalization dial *1123
Police/Emergencies: Terminal 1, Arrivals Level across from baggage Carousel 17. Courtesy phone dial *1132; non-emergency: 650.876.2424; emergency: dial 911.
Airport Information: (650) 821-8211
Airport Paging: (650) 821-8211

Bay Area Transit Information: 
511 is the Bay Area's free transportation hotline. For help getting to and from SFO, dial 511 from within the San Francisco Bay Area or (510) 817-1717 from outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Or, visit www.511.org to use 511's ‘Take Transit Trip Planner’ to create a custom itinerary on public transportation.

SFOServices in alphabetical order (the International Terminal is shortened to 'IT' below):

Airport Mailers - stationed prior to security checkpoints- forward items you could not take through security checkpoint .
Airport Paging - 800-435-9736
Aquarium - At T1, Departures level near entrance to gates 40-48.
Baggage Assistance - available on request : at domestic terminals approach curbside check-in staff; at IT, approach either curbside attendant or call 9.821.9187 from telephones at main entry doors.  Arriving passengers find porters and free carts at International Arrivals Hall.
Baggage Storage, Shipping & Wrapping - at either Airport Travel Agency (650.877.0422) open 7am-11pm; or LMD Baggage Wrapping kiosk, both at IT's Main Hall, pre-security.
Bay Area Transit Information - simply dial 511
Change Machines
- for US paper currency and coins are in the Arrivals/ Baggage Claim area of all terminals
Customs Clearance Office - is in IT's Arrivals Lobby, level 2, post-security. For more information open cbp.gov.
DVD / DVD Player Rentals - InMotion Entertainment at IT, Main Hall, pre-security.
Kids' Spot - for interactive exploration - at T2 Boarding Area D near gates 54A  & 58B;at T3 at Boarding Area F, near gate 87A.
Lodging: Free phone service at 'Lodging, Transporation & Attraction' boards in the Arrivals area  connect you to participating local lodging facilities, rental cars agencies, limo service & local attractions.
Lost & Found - tel. 650-821-7014 or visit: [email protected]
Nurseries - are in both pre- and post security areas of T1, T2 & TT3 - use the Airport courtesy phones for access requests.
Paging : Call either 1-800.I.Fly.SFO  or  650.821.8211, then select 2
Parking - 650-821-7900
Pets -
- 650-821-7111
SelfService Mailers -
forwarding items not accepted at security check - available at all terminals security checkpoint (pay by cash or credit card).
Shoeshines -
T1, Boarding Area B near gate 22; T2, Boarding Area D; T3 Boarding Area F near Gates 72 & 84; IT, Main Hall inside Freshen Up.
Showers - 'Freshen Up!'  for showers, toiletries, ironing & undergarments. At IT, Main Hall, pre-security.  Tel: 650.877.0798
Signature Flight Support - 650-877-6800
- XpresSpa offers spa services including massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing. Locations:
IT, Boarding Area G near gate 100, post-security. Tel: 650.821.1042;  T2, Boarding Area D. Tel: 650.821.9285;  T3,  Boarding Area F near gate 68 and near entrance to gates 80-90. Tel: 650.821.8530/ 31
SmarteCarte - 650-877-0434
Storage for Luggage and other equipment - at 'Airport Travel Agency', located at IT's Main Hall -Tel: 650.877.0422
Telephones Equipped with Data Ports are located throughout the terminals.
TSA - Transportation Security Administration:  866-389-9673 or visit:  tsa.gov
Travel Agency
- 'Airport Travel Agency' is a full-service travel agency offering travel reservations, travel insurance, luggage storage, overnight express delivery, faxes and photocopies. Notary Public and monetary transfers are also available weekdays 9am-5pm. Location: IT, Main Hall, pre-security. Tel: 650.877.0422
TTY - Phone service for deaf and hard of hearing people is located on the Departures/Ticketing and Arrivals/Baggage Claim levels of  IT, T1 & T3. Coin and credit card operated TTY units are available 24/7.
USO - The USO Lounge for U.S. Armed Forces members and their dependents can be accessed via the elevators located behind the Delta Airlines ticket counter of Terminal 1, Mezzanine Level, pre-security. Open 24/7. Tel: 650.761.4611.
US Customs & Border Protection - 650-837-2876
WiFi Support 855-415-9434
Water Bottle Refill Stations: At  IT, Boardig area A, near Gate A1; at T2, boarding area D near gates 51 & 58;  at T3 at boarding area F, near entrance to gates 80-90.
Yoga Rooms are available at post security of (a)  Terminal 2, in the connector between T1 & T2 ; (b) Terminal 3 at Boarding Area E, near Gate 69.

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Lost & Found

Customers who lose personal items at SFO can check with different lost and found departments depending on where the item was last seen. Public Areas For items lost in public areas such as the Airport terminals, garages, or AirTrain, please contact the San Francisco Police Department Lost and Found. Terminal 1, Arrivals Level, in the Delta Baggage Claim area
Hours: Daily, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Phone: 650.821.7014
Email: [email protected] If your call is not answered, please leave a detailed message with your name, contact information, a description of the item, and information about when and where you left the item. Security Checkpoints For items left at security checkpoints, please contact Covenant Aviation Security. Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Phone: 650.457.2670
Email: [email protected] If your call is not answered, please leave a detailed message with your name, contact information, a description of the item, and information about when and where you left the item. 
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Mail Center

Stamps are available for purchase from machines located on the Departures/Ticketing Level of all terminals.
Mailboxes are located curbside on the Departures/Ticketing Level at the end of all terminals.

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Animal relief areas: are all located outside of  the following terminals, at their respective Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level and offer drinking bowls & cleanup material:  at T1 at Courtyard 1;  at T2 at Couryard 3; at T3 at Courtyard 4 - open 24/7.

Animals are not permitted in the terminals at the Airport unless they are being used to assist disabled individuals, or are in proper pet carriers.  Contact your Airline as to their policies.
Pet pickup locations:  If pet traveled with you, pickup is at baggage claim.  If pet was shipped separately, contact your airline for their cargo office.
If traveling with a service animal, visit:  tsa.gov/traveler-information/service-animals - for more details.
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Smoking is not permitted in any of the SFO passenger terminals.

International Travelers at San Francisco SFO Airport

All international arrivals - with the exception of those who went through U.S. Customs clearance at participating airports - need to go through passport control, pick up their bags and go with them through Customs clearance .  If they continue their journey  they need to re-check-in their bags where indicated, before proceeding to to their connecting flight's gate.  For Terminal and /or Concourse connections, please refer to 'Terminal Map' page.

NOTE: Prior to departure make sure that your original airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight - if not, you need, after customs clearance, take them to your connecting terminal and  check them in at your connecting airline counter before proceeding to your gate.