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Public Transportation Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport SVO

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Public transportation from Sheremetyevo Airport to your destination (by Train, Bus, and transfer to the other two airports):

 By Train:
The AeroExpress train station is connected to Terminal E.  A trip to either Moscow's Belorussky train stations runs every 20-30 minutes and  takes between 30 & 40 minutes. Passengers from the  northern terminal TC need to take the shuttle bus to TF's train station. Rail tickets are sold for regular (450 rubles) and first-class service (1,000 rubles). Trains run between 5am and midnight, and offer the most frequent departures between 5am & & 7:30am.   For more information open: www.aeroexpress.ru .
Transfers to Domodedovo or Vnukovo Airports:  Double-decker multiple-unit trains operate on Moscow's commuter rail lines between City Center and Moscow's three international airports. 

 By Bus:

Bus Service Rechnoy vokzal:

- Bus 851E is the express bus and Bus 851 is the local bus running every 9-30 mins & taking 40-50 mins. Both are running from Terminals C, F, E, D, to Moscow.
- Bus 949 runs from Terminals F,E,D,C to Moscow, taking 30-50 mins.
Bus Service Planernaya:  Buses 817 & 948  run from Terminals F,E,D,C to Moscow, taking 40-50 mins.
Bus Service Yugo-Yapadnaya: Bus H1 runs every 20 minutes - from D, F, E, C.  The bus route starts at Metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya and continues on to M. Leninskiy Prospect - M. Oktyabrskoe pole -  M. Aleksandrovsky Sad - M. Ohotny Ryad - Pushkin Square (The Museum of Modern History) - M. Belorusskaya -  Belorussky railway station - M. Dinamo - M. Airport - M. Sokol - M. Voykovskaya - to Sheremetyevo airport (Terminals F & C) .

Tips, Help & Resources

iFly.com strives to make your travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, from booking your flights to navigating airport security and beyond. Here are some things you may need to know that can help you on your journey specific to Chashnikovo - Moskow's SVO airport: