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Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport SVO
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Public transportation from Sheremetyevo Airport to your destination (by Train, Bus, and transfer to the other two airports):

 By Train:
The AeroExpress train station is connected to Terminal E.  A trip to either Moscow's Belorussky train stations runs every 20-30 minutes and  takes between 30 & 40 minutes. Passengers from the  northern terminal TC need to take the shuttle bus to TF's train station. Rail tickets are sold for regular (450 rubles) and first-class service (1,000 rubles). Trains run between 5am and midnight, and offer the most frequent departures between 5am & & 7:30am.   For more information open: www.aeroexpress.ru .
Transfers to Domodedovo or Vnukovo Airports:  Double-decker multiple-unit trains operate on Moscow's commuter rail lines between City Center and Moscow's three international airports. 

 By Bus:

Bus Service Rechnoy vokzal:

- Bus 851E is the express bus and Bus 851 is the local bus running every 9-30 mins & taking 40-50 mins. Both are running from Terminals C, F, E, D, to Moscow.
- Bus 949 runs from Terminals F,E,D,C to Moscow, taking 30-50 mins.
Bus Service Planernaya:  Buses 817 & 948  run from Terminals F,E,D,C to Moscow, taking 40-50 mins.
Bus Service Yugo-Yapadnaya: Bus H1 runs every 20 minutes - from D, F, E, C.  The bus route starts at Metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya and continues on to M. Leninskiy Prospect - M. Oktyabrskoe pole -  M. Aleksandrovsky Sad - M. Ohotny Ryad - Pushkin Square (The Museum of Modern History) - M. Belorusskaya -  Belorussky railway station - M. Dinamo - M. Airport - M. Sokol - M. Voykovskaya - to Sheremetyevo airport (Terminals F & C) .

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