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Tulsa Airport Parking Rates & Information

Tulsa International Airport (TUL) is one of the numerous major airports around the world. If you are planning on flying out of TUL, we can help you find the most convenient parking spot. This Tulsa Airport Parking Guide gives you all the necessary parking information, airport parking rates, off-site facilities, and answers to your common questions.

There are 4 main parking areas at Tulsa Airport:

  • TUL Hourly Parking
  • TUL Garage-Covered Parking
  • TUL Economy Parking
  • TUL Valet Parking

The airport has ample parking space including TUL long-term parking, short-term parking, economy parking, and many more. In addition, there are a number of off-site parking spaces nearby and in the city that are alternative to airport parking. Recently, the airport has availed new programs, including TUL Parking Perks, Ticketless Entry, and Tulsa International Airport’s New Parking Rewards.

Tulsa Airport parking rates can vary depending on the lot and duration, so please check for specific rates below.


TUL Off-Airport Parking

Save 50% Or More vs. On-Airport Parking
Economy Parking - Tulsa International Airport
Economy Parking - Tulsa International Airport
7777 Airport Dr, Tulsa, OK, 74115
Parking options: N/A
Provides Shuttle Service
Operation 24 Hours 7 days a week
per day
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Hourly Parking

Location: At airport, top level of Garage

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

This TUL short-term parking area is located on the third level of the airport’s parking garage. It’s entrance is situated just a few steps away from Baggage Claim. That’s why TUL hourly parking makes a great option for those coming to drop someone off or pick up an arriving passenger. This is the only hourly parking facility at the airport.

Hourly Parking Rates

$1 / first 30 minutes

$2 / hour

$12 / day max

Garage-Covered Parking

Location: Right across from the airport terminal building

Type: Garage

To Terminals: Walking distance

This expanded parking garage is located right to the airport terminal. Featuring more than

2,000 long-term parking spaces, this is the closest self-parking facility that keeps your vehicle protected against bad weather. The covered parking space is located on the first level of the deck.

Garage-Covered Parking Rates

$12 / day tax included

Economy Parking

Location: Across from the garaget

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Shuttle

This is the cheapest TUL parking lot, located across from the garage. TUL Economy Parking has two entrances - one is right to the hourly parking entrance. Simply follow the airport signs to reach this uncovered parking lot. The shuttle runs frequently between Economy Parking and the terminal.

Economy Parking Rates

$8 / day tax included

Valet Parking

Location: At airport, outside the ticket counter doors

Type: Lot

To Terminals: Walking distance

TUL Valet Parking is the most expensive but cheaper than many other airports in the USA. It gives you convenience and promptness. Simply leave your vehicle at the departure curb and you are free to go. Make sure you give the parking attendant your return flight information so that they keep the vehicle ready once you get back to Tulsa.

Valet Parking Rates

$18 / day tax included

Cell Phone Waiting Area

The free cell phone waiting area is located East of the Hilton Garden Inn. The lot provides 60 parking spaces for drivers waiting on arriving passengers. Drivers can wait in this free space until their party arrives and then pick them up quickly. Remember that you cannot use this space for overnight parking. Also, make sure you don’t leave your vehicle unattended. You can check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone while you wait.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Stations

Tulsa International Airport (TUL) has two Level-2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Both of these facilities are located in the lower level of the airport parking garage.

Accessible/Handicap Parking

There are reserved accessible parking spaces in hourly and garage parking lots for a maximum of $12.00 per day. You can park in reserved accessible parking spots in short-term parking areas for the duration of your trip. Economy lot also has accessible parking options at $8.00 per day is an affordable option.

Tulsa Airport Parking Q&A

Parking near Tulsa Airport is possible via several off-airport parking lots, including some dedicated lots in nearby parks and hotels. Most offer very competitive parking rates vs the airport lots. Note that parking near TUL at off-site locations almost always requires advanced reservations.
Tulsa International Airport parking is generally affordable as compared to other city-based airports. Please check above for specific prices and details for each parking location.
No. Pre-booking for parking is not available. You can pre-book at most off-airport parking lots that are typically less than the TUL parking rates.
All rates shown above include all taxes and fees. All Tulsa Airport parking facilities accept cash and all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, etc.
The airport provides a shuttle with a wheelchair lift. In this case, you can call a parking operator at 918-838-5030 to make arrangements in advance.
Yes. But curbside is for active loading and unloading of passengers. Visitors awaiting arriving passengers can wait in the free cell phone waiting lot, and check arrivals to XXX.