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Public Transportation from Tulsa International Airport:  For bus schedules & fares visit : www.tulsatransit.org - Tulsa Trnsit buses are outside of the baggage claim area.  NOTE:  As of August 3, 2017, Lyft's shared ride service's designatd pickup area is on the Arrivals Roadway. 

Scheduled Tulsa Transit Bus Route 203
serves the Airport on weekdays, offering downtown Tulsa connections. For more information & schedules visit:  www.tulsatransit.org.

Other buses & shuttles serving the Airport to the following destinations:
 - to Stillwater - u
se the 'Big Orange Bus /BOB to Oklahoma State U.
 - to Bartlesville - use CityRide/ Cimarron Public Transit (tel. 918-336-2233 or visit www.ucapinc.org or e-mail [email protected].
 - to Skiatook - use Cimarron Transit- scheduled on a first call basis & subject to availability (tel. 918-396-4466 or visit: www.usapinc.org or e-mail Icorffusapinc.org.
 - to Northeast Oklahoma - use Pelivan Transit shuttles which stop at Greyhound station downtown Tulsa on Mon,Wed,Fri. For more info, visit: www.pelivantransit.org.