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Public Transportation Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport OKC

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Public Transportation from Will Rogers World Airport:  The transportation Plaza can be accessed from the passenger terminal’s baggage claim level 1 via walkway. The parking shuttle bus and all public transportation are located at the Plaza.
- The Union Bus Station
(tel. 405-235-6425 or open www.greyhound.com) in downtown Oklahoma City is located at 1948 E. Reno, requiring taxi or shuttle service.
- The Greyhound Bus Station (tel. 405-606-4382 or opern www.greyhound.com) is just east of downtown Oklahoma City at 1948 E.reno. for schedules call 405-235-6425.
- Embark' (Oklahoma City's public bus system - tel. 405-23-7433) - currently does NOT serve the Airport directly.

Jefferson Bus Line (1-888-864-2832 or visit:  www.jeffersonlines.com) serves Chickasha, Lawton, Wichita Falls, & Ft. Worth. Buses depart from east end of Transportation Plaza (accessible from the baggage claim level 1), departing usually noon/early afternoon. Driver accepts cash only. 
Greyhound Bus (405-235-4382 or visit greyhound.com.) is located in the Union Bus Station in downtown Oklahoma City at 1948 E. Reno. For schedules & bus line info call the Union Bus Station at 405-235-6425.

The Soldier Express (580-678-3035)  takes all AIT personnel to/ from Ft. Sill.  Call first for availability. 
Red Carpet (405-672-5100 or 888-878-5100)  to Fort Sill departs Mon-Fri 6:30pm, 8:30pm & 10:30pm. Upon their arrival at the airport, recruits should report to the YMCA Military Welcome Center (405-680-9781) located in Bay O of the Air Cargo Building outside the side door next to Bag Claim 1. Recruits who have missed the last bus should telephone 1-888-435-7146 option 1 for instructions.

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