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Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport OKC

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Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) TSA Security Wait Time Information

Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport offers easy security checks. The uncertainty about how long airport processes will take, including check-in security, can be a little frustrating for passengers. But when you have accurate information about wait times for security checkpoints, it makes you feel relax and comfortable.

Passengers can enjoy their meal and cup of coffee in time between security checks. Further, knowing the information on wait times, you can buy some essential stuff for your kids.


Before you head to the airport, be sure to check OKC Arrival Delays, OKC Departure Delays, or use iFLY's OKC Flight Tracker.

OKC Airport Security Checkpoints - Location and Hours

OKC is one of the busiest commercial airports in the state of Oklahoma. To ease the airport's traffic, there is one passenger screening checkpoint which is situated near the American Airlines ticket counter. To proceed through the screening process, you must have a current government-issued ID as well as a valid boarding pass.

It is advisable to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the listed departure of your airline. Remember that you must arrive at the airport as early as possible and allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport.

TSA Wait Times OKC

The wait times of the Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport are not similar all the time and can differ according to different situations. Moreover, the hours of operation of the TSA checkpoint are also subject to change as per TSA's guidelines. However, the common hours of operation for the whole week starting from 4:00 a.m.

You can now check current wait times at Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport. But the OKC wait times which you observe right now may not be valid when you arrive at the airport.

TSA PreCheck at OKC

TSA precheck lanes are available at every security checkpoint at OKC airport. If you are a regular traveller and do not prefer to wait in the queue, then sign up for TSA's Precheck program at Oklahoma Airport.

Once you have enrolled yourself in and get the approval for the same, then they will issue you a Traveler Number. It will help you with access to an easy screening lane.

At the entrance to the precheck line, you have to show your boarding pass to the queue monitor. When you enter the screening area, there is no need for you to remove your shoes, belts, laptops, and jackets. With PreCheck, you just have to wait for even less than 5 minutes in a line for a security check.

The cost of TSA PreCheck for five years is $85. The office hours for PreCheck at the Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport for the whole week (7 days) start from 4 a.m.

About Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport Wait Times

For the ease and comfort of passengers, there are digital displays located at different points of the terminal of OKC airport. This makes security checks easy for passengers and even diminishes the wait time in security lines. It is important to arrive at the airport a little early than the planned flight departures as TSA wait times for Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport may change sometimes.

All airlines have their own suggested arrival time, and to avoid any trouble, you must arrive at the airport accordingly. All airlines favour every passenger arriving on time at their check-in counter and flight's departure gate.

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