Banking/ATM Services at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ATL Airport

Banking Services at Hartsfield Jackson Airport:

1. Capitol City Bank is a full-service bank (tel. 404-766-8111 or visit: - located in the Atrium SW
2. ATM Machines are available throughout the arrivals & departures level, as well as in some concourses

Currency Exchange at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ATL Airport

Foreign Currency Exchange services at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport:

Travelex currency exchange locations: :
Atrium SW  (tel. 404-766-2700 - 
Concourse E: gate E12 (404-761-1941), gate E26 (404-761-6331), E Centerpoint  (404-761-1941)
Concourse F: F7 (404-761-1941) & F Arrivals (N/A); and
Concourse T: T6 (404-761-1941)

For more information call Travelex at Atrium (404) 766-2700 or at Concourse E (404) 761-6331 - or visit: