Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

To pick up a passenger a Atlanta Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot with 160 spaces situated along South Terminal Parkway at east end of Park-Ride Reserve lot, accessible to the right of the parkway by a new driveway.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.  Of course, you can also use either the North or South hourly parking lots (about $2 for first 2 hrs).
If dropping off bags or a passenger at curbside check-in, follow overhead 'TERMINAL RETURN' signs for parking entrances.

Other parking options at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport:
Parking facilities for both Domestic& International Terminals are available 24/7 - all of which offer disabled parking closest to the terminal from each lot. Deck /Hourly /Short-term parking at North and South Hourly lots are closest to each terminal entrance - best for passenger pickup/dropoff.  The Domestic Terminal complex offer travelers five parking choices; the International Terminal offers 2 choices. (see details below, including fees).

 - Automatic ticket dispensers issue parking tickets at each of the parking entrances - keep your ticket with you as you will need to present it to the cashier upon exit.  Your parking lot is printed on the ticket's upper corner.  Make a note of level, section & row number you park at.
 - On-site security officers are on duty 7am-6pm daily and offer assistance.
 - Call boxes are located throughout the parking facilities connecting to airport police directly.

A.  The Domestic Terminal complex offers five parking choices are at (a) North Daily, Hourly & Economy lots; (b) at South Daily, Hourly & Economy lots; (c) at West Economy Lot;
- Hourly Short-term Parking:
each of first two hours $2; each of hrs 3-6 $3; 6-24 hours $32; each additional day $36.
 - Daily /Covered Deck at at the 4-level overnight parking area across from each terminal.
Fees: Each hour $3; up to daily max $16.
 - Economy Parking at North & South Lots are next to parking decks; the West Economy is at terminal's west end.
Fees: Each hour $3; up to daily max $12.
 - Park-Ride Lots A & C, offer convenient services to both North & South Terminals, with a free shuttle bus to curbside check-in.  Upon passenger's return a free shuttle bus at ground transportaton area will get you back to your car.
Fees: Each hour $3; up to daily max $9 daily max.
 - Park-Ride Reserve (members & public parking). Guaranteed on-sge parking; The Park-Ride lots to both North & South Terminals offer free shuttle buses to curbside check-in; upon your return a fee bus will pick you up from the ground transport area and get you to your car.
Fees: $3 each hour, up to $12 - daily max.

B. The International Terminal offers parking facilities with 1,100 spaces is just a few steps from check-in and arrivals - it includes: Internantional Hourly lot; and and the International Park-Ride:
 - International hourly lot, with 14 close-in parking spaces for alternative fuel cars and 14 parking spaces for vanpools and carpools.  (From M.H. Jackson Blvd. - follow signs to hourly parking.)
Fees: $2 each for fist & second hours; $3 each for hours 3 - 6;  6-24 hours $32; each day thereafter $36.
 - International Park-Ride facility on Maynard Jackson Blvd. (west of Loop Rd.) offers 2,400 spaces. - reached by a free 3-minute shuttle bus ride to international terminal's departure level (with pickup at arrivals level for return.
Fees: each hour $3, up to daily max $12.

For more parking information call the Customer Service Hotline at 1-877-ATL-PARK or 404-530-6725, or tune in to Radio 830 AM.

- Atlanta Airport is building a new parking deck, which can be reached by SkyTrain people-mover running between the Airport to the Rental Car Center and the Georgia International Convention Center. It will also serve as additional parking after domestic terminal parking decks are demolished and rebuilt.
- The former West Economy Lot will get a new Inter-Continental Hotel.
- A new ATL West Parking Deck will also serve as additional parking in the future.
- The Park-Ride Reserve Lot is located where an end-around taxiway will be built
- The North Economy lot is where an extension to Concourse T will be built.

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ( ATL ) Airport Parking Map

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta ATL airport parking map

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